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What do you see when you look into the mirror upon waking up each morning? Do you see a façade hiding the real you, or do you see the state of your soul? What does one see upon looking into the depths of one’s heart when approaching the end of a life? Has one learned anything? Your progress and the state of your soul are reflected in your face and in your heart. You are a work in progress.

Whatever you see, it is what you have constructed for yourself. The substance from which you have constructed it is pure consciousness. That is the same for everyone; and, likewise, when we have become what we are being created to be, we are again equal, this is the way in which all human beings are created equal. It is blatantly obvious that we are not equal in every way in this world. We are not physically, mentally, and spiritually equal at any given point in life. We are all part of a work in progress.

So think carefully about what you are creating, and chose well: Don’t choose to create a place where malevolent thoughts lurk in the darkness of a hovel of depravity, dissipation, and defeat. Create within your consciousness, a temple of love and light, a palace for the Infinite, an edifice of brilliance, victory, transformation, and transcendence, because the world of your conscious construction is your home as long as you are a work in progress.

For analogy, think of the world as the canvas, and your actions as brush strokes, and the painting as the soul you are creating. Eventually, you must realize that you are the canvas, the brush, the paints, and the painter. But for the time being, the inescapable now, you are a work in progress.

Your consciousness is like a reflection of the moon on the surface of a pool of water, the slightest breeze ruffles and distorts it. It is only when you still the pool deep within your heart, that you can begin to see the real image. And that is just the first step on the journey of a million spiritual miles, to not only see a clear image, but to find the source of the image, the moon, the sun, the universe, the cosmos - and beyond. You are a work in progress.

You are the Dream Weaver. You will eventually learn that you are not just the fleeting persona that you have created through your actions and reactions, whether it has taken one or many lives in this and other worlds to create, you are the Reality behind your consciousness at any and every point in the process. Only when you realize this, will you fully understand that time and space are illusions. Space-time, as Einstein showed us, is not a universal framework within which everything happens, as it seems, it is just a reflection on the illusory surface of the pool of consciousness, an interface between your finite consciousness, that which you pretend to be, and the Infinitely Continuous Reality from which you have consciously separated yourself. It is malleable and insubstantial. It is an illusion reflecting the image of a work in progress.

If you feel proud or angry, or uncomfortable, or disappointed; perhaps even ashamed of what you think you are, remember that you have created what you are yourself, and that you can change it within the bounds of the laws of nature, if you want to. Recall that you are potentially perfect. You are a work in progress.

At some point, you may come to realize that there is nothing to be concerned about. Reality, and everything within it, is evolving according to universal laws, whether we are aware of them or not. At any point, the universe, and your experience of it, are exactly what they are supposed to be. Whether you know it or not, the universe is evolving toward an unimaginable goal, through a series of necessary steps, whether you know it or not. The universe is a work in progress.

If you just came into being when your body formed in your mother’s womb, you are a rarity. Most of us have been around much longer than that. The biggest secret of all, in this world - a secret willfully hidden and passively accepted - is the fact that we are immortal souls. We are born and die again and again, with memories of many lives and many loves, that fade like dreams in the harsh light of this life, as we embark upon another opportunity to be a work in  progress.

There is considerable shock and trauma when your soul is being born into, and confined in, a helpless little body, and after a while expelled from a sick and dying body, as the stuff of which that body is made is destroyed, or begins to decay and be recycled. That is what causes most of the forgetfulness. Most of the superficial details of the persona associated with a given body effectively dies with the brain cells of that body, but the lessons of the spirit remain with the soul to become the core of the next cycle of your work in progress.

For now, many, if not most of us, are enthralled with the drama of life on this planet. It is a captivating story, and even the misery and suffering of physical life, providing contrast, as it does, with the joy and ecstasy natural to Spiritual existence, are endurable. In fact, in my experience, the worse the suffering, the greater the joy of winning victory over that pain, against all odds! And once we realize that every new victory can be greater and more important than the last, we actually enjoy the drama of being a work in progress.

However, if we eventually tire of the endless cycles of physical reality, and begin to want to transcend the cycles of birth and death, of alternating pleasure and pain, then we begin to identify more and more with the eternal spiritual reality at the core of our existence, and less and less with the physical, mental, and astral personas of the ever-changing reflections on the surfaces of Reality. If we can see that the most important lesson to be learned is how to be truly free, and that the goal of existence is to wake from the dreams of our own making, then our lives will be transformed, the work in progress will be on its way to completion, and you, the Dream Weaver, will at last transcend your dreams.

ERC October 7, 2020

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  1. The image is inextricable from the mirror, just as the reflection of universe is from consciousness.