Sunday, August 21, 2016



Stirring deep within the dark tank of matter,
The spark of life begins to glow;
And the drumming, faint, of raindrop patter
Excites the seed that wants to grow.

Like sunlight bursting through dark clouds,
Heralding hints of future glory,
Cells divide to become bursting crowds,
And start the never-ending story.

As ancient as the blinking stars,
As new as Adam’s very first breath,
Reaching through the prison bars
Of endless pain, of birth and death.

We must, we must, forever strive
Against the crush of entropy,
To keep the soul’s promises alive
To overcome the tyranny,

To escape this heavy Earth of ours,
And free our caged souls
To soar beyond the distant stars,
To reach the highest goals.

The goal was set before the start
Of swirling clouds of cosmic dust
Glowing deep within the heart
Off every spark of human trust.

To know all there is to know,
To see all there is to see,
To grow all there is to grow,
To be all there is to be!

© Edward R. Close, January 1, 2016

A Song for All Tomorrows

When life gets tough and hard to bear,
We rise upon the wings of song
And soar above the bleak despair
That comes of thinking things are wrong.

A song-filled heart adjusts the mind,
And when the mind begins to sing,
It leaves its worries all behind,
And rises to the Golden Ring

Of harmonies that wash away
The woes of Earthly sorrows,
To fill our hearts, every day,
With a song for all tomorrows.

© Edward R. Close, August 21, 2016

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  1. 'Takes a genius to be an artistic scientist and a scientific artist' (Brian and the Rainbow Men). Cheers, Ed!