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Visionary thinkers have dreamt of the expansion of science into the realm of humanity’s spiritual experiences and growth potential for hundreds of years; but it is the discovery of gimmel, the quantifiable non-physical content of reality that marks the end of the false doctrine of materialism and the beginning of the paradigm shift from dark-age mechanistic science to the more comprehensive enlightened-age science of mental, physical, and spiritual awareness. But because we are only a relatively short distance past the lowest point in our solar system’s cycle of spiritual development, as explained in previous posts, progress is frustratingly slow, especially for those who are just beginning to awaken on or near the leading edge of consciousness expansion.

I’ve written about the widely believed erroneous assumption that time is uniform throughout the universe many times before this, and, of course, the correction of that false assumption was Einstein’s major, most important contribution to science, but the relationship between relativistic time and consciousness still eludes mainstream science and most of humanity, so it’s worth emphasizing it again here. Just as the experience of visible light, the passage of time and the attendant entropic physical effects are localized phenomena, so is the expansion or decline of individual consciousness. The importance of this fact cannot be over-emphasized because the implications are so profound and far-reaching.

While the effects of planetary and solar-system time affect consciousness expansion in general, individual sentient beings can progress individually because their progress or lack thereof also depends upon their individual choices of what to believe and their willful actions. So, not only will the average mental, physical, and spiritual evolution vary from galaxy to galaxy, solar system to solar system, and planet to planet, but also from individual to individual on a given planet.

Individual progress is frustratingly slow, especially for those who are just beginning to awaken, because once you understand what the purpose of existence really is, you want to reach the ultimate goal as soon as you possibly can. This is perhaps the hardest paradox of spiritual awakening to come to grips with, because at that point, you know that the evil which causes so much suffering in the world is an illusion of darkness that will disappear as soon as there is enough light, but most of the world around you is still enthralled in the delusion of ego aggrandizement, and the least spiritually developed human beings often fight their way to the top of the rat race, where they feed their false egos by trying to control everyone else.

This evil game of domination continues until a majority of individuals are enlightened. In the meantime, those who have begun to sense the real goal, and perhaps have even glimpsed its glory, seek practical ways to mitigate the negative effects of ego attachment, including envy, hate, and greed, human traits that almost always lead to corruption, violence, pain, and suffering. Life often becomes stressful for spiritually awakening souls, as the world slowly exits the dark ages of materialism, and evil desperately tries to hold on to the rule of the physical world that it has enjoyed for so long, while we yearn for justice, freedom, and the joy of the ultimate goal of Cosmic Consciousness.

Those of us alive on this planet right now are influenced to a greater or lesser extent, depending upon our individual level of spiritual consciousness, by the still predominantly mechanistic mode of thought in this world, and we often think there should be technologies that we can employ to change the world. Because of this, there are many books and online courses from gurus or life coaches who claim to be able to teach us how to manifest the kind of world we wish to experience, or somehow move our consciousness miraculously into a parallel universe where we can be healthier, wealthier, wiser, and happier than we are in this one. While some of them offer good advice with tips for better living, most fail to transform our consciousness very much, and fall far short of solving the problem of evil in the world.

Traditionally, we have turned to religion to combat the evil of the world, but there is also a major problem with religious organizations at this point in planetary time. The evil “sufficient unto the day” spoken of by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, has infiltrated the organized religions of the world during the dark ages of materialism. History is full of examples. Perhaps the most obvious example in Western Civilization is the infiltration and control of Christian Churches by evil forces. It has happened to most, if not all of them, on many different levels.

The Roman Catholic Church is a good example, not necessarily because it is the worst, but because it is the oldest, well-organized Christian Church. It was infiltrated by evil from its very beginning. The Romans crucified Peter in 67 AD during the reign of Nero, and replaced him with a Roman puppet designated as Pope, i.e., the head of the Church, so that the government could control the growing threat that the followers of Jesus posed to the self-proclaimed divinity of the Roman Emperors. And, even though it is a matter of record, most people don’t realize that the Vatican actually backed Hitler during WWII and helped fund his war efforts. In return for its support, the Church would be the official State Religion of the third Reich upon world domination. For more details about this, you can research historical records, or see Secrets of the Sacred Cube, Part VI, Patterns of Good and Evil, pages 177-228.

Most religions that have gained world-wide recognition started with the best of intentions, based on the teachings of a fully realized Spiritual Master and that realized one’s immediate disciples, but lesser beings who subsequently gained control as protectors and organizers of the faith, out of ignorance and the evils of ego and greed, subverted part, or all of those organizations into the exact opposite of what the spiritual master they claim as their founder actually taught. The evil hid behind the façade of righteousness.

What is the answer to this conundrum of spiritual awakening in a world in which the majority of the population is still held under the sway of dark-age evil and even threatened with extinction? Is there a way to transform the prevalent darkness of this moment of planetary spacetime into light, at least locally, for at least one or a few individuals, for at least a significant period of time? Yes, there is, but it is not as easy as reading a book, taking a pill, or learning a mantra, and the “evil sufficient unto the day’ is still working to undermine and subvert it. Almost as bad as it was in the first century AD, as a conscious being in this world, you are in a divided and bewildering place and time, thanks to the efforts of evil whose modus operandi is to divide and conquer.

So, as a spiritually awakening soul who has had a glimpse of the goal, you are confronted with a problem composed of at least three complex and challenging questions: 1) Exactly who are you? 2) How can you recognize what can help or hinder your physical, mental, and spiritual progress? And 3) how can you find the path leading to the ultimate goal? The TDVP model of reality provides the scientific basis for answering these questions, and if you can find the answers, then you will be able to find practical solutions to all the problems of your life, including the problems of spiritual awakening.

Discussing each of these questions in meaningful detail will require a lengthy blogpost, so I will pause here, with the intention of starting with the first of the three questions in the next post.

ERC – 3/20/2022

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