Monday, October 11, 2021




Who saw the brilliance of the light,

Streaming forth from Eden?

Who took a step and that first bite,

To taste of love and freedom?


Who was the one who stood enthralled,

Tasting some, and wanting more,

As, with stunning beauty, Nature called,

Who was it, wanting to explore?


Who gazed upon the valleys green, mountains high,

Flowering fields, and oceans blue?

Who longed to plumb the depths, and touch the sky,

Was not that someone really you?


A billion days, a billion nights,

Spiraling round and round the sun,

Seeking all the thrills and sights,

Until all the lights merged as one.


And finally, now the truth is plain:

The choice is clearly understood.

Your soul is not within your brain,

Where evil lurks beside the Good.


Choose to wake from finite sleep,

And know you are a Royal Heir.

And coming from the cosmos, deep,

His Love for you is everywhere!


It blossoms forth in every rose,

In every sunbeam’s thrilling hue,

It is right there, beneath your nose,

Love is, and always has been, YOU!


You’ve slept my Dear, for far too long,

Dreaming dreams of moon and sun,

But now it’s time to sing your song,

To wake and know YOU ARE THE ONE.


The cosmos waits to hear your voice,

You’ve won at last, the race is done,

But you must make the final choice,

To take His hand: AND BE THE ONE.


ERC - 10/08/2021


This post is intended to be a follow-on to the last two posts: THE HARVEST: PREDICTIONS, OPINIONS AND EXPLANATIONS and THE CHOICE. As with the last one, I will try to make this a stand-alone post by summarizing some of the major points of the blogposts leading up to and including the last two posts before I start, but I think it will still be helpful to read or re-read at least the two previous posts.

A Brief Summary:

In previous publications and posts, proof of the existence of a real, quantifiable, non-physical, part of reality has been presented. We (Close and Neppe) called that third component of reality gimmel, and we have shown that no stable physical reality is possible without it. The proof was made possible by measuring all observable occurrences of the elementary components of atoms in multiples of a minimum quantum equivalence unit defined by the mass and volume of the smallest free stable object, the electron. We found that all stable atoms are made up of integer multiples (i.e., whole numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, …) of quantum equivalence units of mass, energy and gimmel.


The proof of the existence of a measurable non-physical part of reality is an important discovery for several reasons. It allows us to resolve some of the paradoxes in the current scientific model, and it provides several much more satisfactory explanations of some observations that are unexplained and simply accepted as “quantum weirdness” in the current mainstream theory known as the Standard Model of particle physics. We have listed more than fifty such explanations that are provided by our model, which we call the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). That alone validates TDVP as a better model of reality. But a much more important result of the discovery, in my opinion, is that TDVP provides a basic scientific framework for the study of consciousness, paranormal phenomena, and Spiritual Reality. Because of this, it also provides a logical, systematic way to analyze the current world crises, as struggles between good and evil, which is what these three blogposts are about.


Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Like everything else created by human beings in the universe of physical duality, AI has both good and bad applications. It is good when used as a tool for scientific investigation of matter and energy, freeing conscious minds for more important things, but when envisioned as the future of humanity, it is part of the same false, evil conceptual goal of an earthly  Marxist utopia. It promises a god-like existence of enhanced human capabilities, but, just like Marxist communism and socialism, it delivers only misery and slavery for human beings.


The current world crisis being used by evil, and the mis-guided enablers of evil, to try to transition humanity from the inequities imposed by a few greedy, unscrupulous billionaires who have taken advantage of free-market capitalism, to return to the even greater evils of the tyranny of Marxist class warfare, with the same greedy elitists installing themselves as the ruling class, is a prime example of how evil uses AI as a means to its ends. At this time of low mental and spiritual virtue, the vast majority of humanity is easy prey to the false lures of ease and leisure offered by AI technology. Once people become dependent upon AI devices like smart phones, personal computers and the internet, the reality that “an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop” becomes a reality.


The human time and energy freed up by reliance on AI devices should be used to move individual consciousness along the path toward the goal and purpose of existence: positive spiritual evolution. That is why the same evil behind the push for global Marxism is trying so hard to destroy religion and spiritual practices of any kind. The antidote to this psychotic spiritual illness is authentic spirituality based in the science of non-physical reality introduced by TDVP.


The Antidote:

TDVP re-integrates mathematical science and ontological philosophy into a natural epistemological understanding of human progress as spiritual progress, rather than a random walk into the inevitable destruction of maximum entropy predicted by mainstream scientific materialism. Another major advancement made possible by the discovery of gimmel is a deeper understanding of space, time, and conscious extent as dimensions of the structural forms of mass, energy, and conscious content. A mathematical process that I call dimensional extrapolation, is applicable to both physical and non-physical quantized phenomena, and when applied, it reveals that time and consciousness, like space, are three dimensional.


This means that reality is a logically consistent self-referential system of nine finite dimensions, embedded in an infinitely continuous substrate that is continually expanding out of and into itself. This model of reality is consistent with an infinite descent proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, and with infinite ascent, it is consistent with Gödel’s incompleteness theorems. These results have many implications far beyond the scope of these posts, including the indication that the infinitely continuous substrate of reality is the most primary form of consciousness containing all possible logical structures. In my opinion, the infinitely continuous substrate, is the infinity of infinities, the source of all things, the all-in-one and the one-in-all, in simple English, the mind of God.


An understanding of the self-referential mathematical nature of reality that we are calling TDVP, reveals that all movement, including physical change, is driven by the evolution or degradation of the mental and spiritual virtue of consciousness, not just increasing or decreasing physical complexity. The discovery that non-physical gimmel is a major part of reality, the part that organizes mass and energy to form stable atomic structures, combined with the application of the mathematical process of infinite ascent, leads me to the conclusion that the source of all existence is an infinite self-referential Cosmic Mind, traditionally called God.


Even though we are currently in the ascending half of a 24,000-year planetary time cycle, with the average mental and spiritual virtue slowly increasing, as our planet spirals around the sun and the solar system moves along its elliptical path. The average state of spiritual virtue is still very low because of where we are in the cycle. It will take more than 10,000 years for us to again reach our nearest approach to the positive focus, the location of the Cosmic Source of consciousness. However, the state of consciousness of a given individual can be anywhere from being barely self-aware, to having complete Cosmic Consciousness, depending on the individual’s choices and actions in this and previous lives.


Choices that promote good physical and mental health, and advance one’s personal spiritual virtue are intrinsically good, and choices that undermine health and hamper or retard spiritual virtue are bad. Thus, good and evil are defined in terms of spiritual progress, and the purpose of existence is to provide opportunities for individuals to experience physical, mental, and spiritual reality as souls separate from Primary Consciousness, with opportunities to choose good or evil.


Proof of the existence of non-physical gimmel functioning as a conscious organizing component of quantum reality that creates stable atomic structures, present in the highest levels in elements like Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen, found in conscious organic life forms, compared to then amount of gimmel in elements that do not support life, suggests that reality exists by intelligent design and this discovery expands the scientific model of reality into a paradigm that includes consciousness as a quantifiable and measurable variable. The discovery that gimmel is fundamental and as important to life as mass and energy, is a crucial step toward freeing science and the human psyche from the dead end of scientific materialism. It also provides science with a logical tool capable of describing and investigating paranormal and spiritual phenomena.


When the primary form of mathematical logic used in the TDVP model of reality is applied to the basic volumetric quantum combinations of the quarks that form protons and neutrons, it reveals the influence of Primary consciousness in elements that support life, and it proves that the most basic assumptions of materialism are wrong. And that eliminates Marxist communism and socialism as viable theories of reality.


The inclusion of consciousness as fundamental in TDVP makes finite reality triadic, contrasting with the duality of dialectical materialism where reality is assumed to be binary, consisting of polar opposites. Finite reality exists in the form of three types of distinctions measurable in variables of content: quantized mass, energy, and gimmel, the three essences of finite reality. These essential distinctions of content are organized in mathematically logical forms measurable in nine finite dimensions of extent: three of space, three of time, and three of consciousness.


The six finite distinctions of content and extent, i.e., mass, energy, gimmel, space, time, and localized consciousness, are finite manifestations of the spirit and logic of the infinite multi-dimensional field of Primary Consciousness, identified in TDVP as the substrate of reality. The substrate of reality is comparable to, and contrasts with, the concept in quantum field theory of the Zero-Point Field, and in various kinds of theology wityh the Source, the Void, or the Mind of God. The major difference, at least for me, is the realization that finite individual consciousness can be expanded to the point of direct contact and awareness of the infinite field of Primary Consciousness.


So, what does all this mean? Are there practical applications of all of this? Paradoxically, the discovery of the substrate of reality extending as gimmel, representing the organizing intent of non-physical reality within finite physically reality, actually simplifies everything!



The implications of TDVP are profound, far-reaching, and exceedingly practical, if understood and applied.


v  God exists

“God” is a word that conveys different things to different people, depending on the internal model in each person’s mind. So, call it whatever makes sense to you, but know that its’ existence is no longer a matter of philosophical debate. The existence of Infinite Intelligence has been proved. It cannot be fully described in the finite verbiage of any language, but it has been proved mathematically and can be experienced directly. The infinite field of consciousness exists. It is the substrate of reality. It exists, has always existed, and will always exist. Its’ existence has been proved by infinite ascent/descent using the primary calculus of dimensional distinctions, and it can be proved by anyone who masters the mathematics of TDVP, and by direct experience in expanded consciousness. A list of references including the proof of the existence of non-physical reality is posted at the end of the first of this series of three blogposts.


v  Existence has Meaning and Purpose

With direct experience of the Infinite through expanded consciousness, it becomes clear that existence has meaning and purpose. Its’ meaning is found in the direct personal experience of Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness, and its’ purpose is to provide a venue, or “stage” for the spiritual evolution of souls.


v  For Every Question there is an Answer

This is a basic principle that was stated by the famous polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz in the late 17th century. Because there are some people who think this principle is brought into question by Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, I will address this briefly here.


Gödel’s first theorem states that no mathematically consistent system with theorems that can be listed and enumerated in any way, is capable of proving all of the known true statements about the arithmetic of natural numbers (The arithmetic of the integers: 1, 2, 3, …). For any consistent system based on a specific finite number of axioms, there will always be statements about the natural numbers that are true but that cannot be proved within the system. The second theorem generalizes the first theorem by showing that no internally consistent finite logical system can prove its own consistency.


Reality is a consistent logical system. If it were not, there would be no stable universe. And while the physical universe is a finite logical system at any moment in time, the totality of reality, including the infinite conscious substrate, is infinite. Two things follow from this: 1) In a finite logical system describing reality, it will always be possible to make true statements that cannot be proved within the system in which they are stated. 2) Statements unprovable in a given finite system of logic may be provable in a logical system expanded to describe more of reality by adding appropriate axioms.


For readers without the background or time and patience to become familiar with the calculus of dimensional distinctions and Gödel’s proofs, what I am saying, is simply this:


While in any understanding of reality, e.g., your own mental model of reality, or any scientific “theory of everything”, it is possible to say things that are true but that cannot be proved, those true statements will be provable in a more complete model of reality. And a more complete model of reality is always possible by the expansion of consciousness, because reality is infinite.



P.S.: A Final Encouraging Note:

Based on the principle that truth will always outlast lies, and re-assert itself, regardless of how successful the lies become when repeated over extended periods of time, I have maintained that the evil that has been perpetrated by the self-appointed “elite” global socialist psychopaths cannot, and will not prevail, and that the evil of false prophets will always self-destruct. I am happy to report that we are seeing that beginning to happen now. It is happening in a natural and predictable way. It is beginning where the insidiously evil subversion of democracy using Marxist tactics started in the US, more than 60 years ago: in public education.


I saw the beginning of the subversion of free education in the early 1960s when I was teaching mathematics in public schools. Slowly, over the past 60 years, step-by-step, public education has changed from an effort to create a nation of people who, regardless of their station in life, would have the basic reading, writing, mathematics, and thinking skills, that could make them capable of self-governance, to a tax-payer-supported front being used to spread socialist propaganda, and create a proletariat, i.e., a working class that could be controlled by the elite ruling class.


We were a nation predominantly of European heritage, and even though most of our ancestors came to America to escape the tyranny of the elite ruling classes of their native countries, class-based thinking was deeply rooted in some, who happily embarked on political careers, seeing their opportunity to become part of a new ruling class. While they could not establish themselves as an absolute monarchy, the Marxist-based ideologies of various forms of socialism were handy templates for them to use to gain the power they desired.


But the seeds of self-destruction are always present in tyrannical Marxist-based socialist political systems. In this case, ironically, it is their use of the Covid pandemic to promote fear and division in order to speed up their take-over, that is their undoing! With the shut-down of elementary and secondary public education for more than a year, parents began to see on the remote-learning computer screens, the propaganda designed to poison their children’s minds with Marxist class-division thinking that has been building up in public education for years.


The Final Word:

Who can stop this madness? You are the One.


ERC 10/11/2021


  1. Chit/achit/Ishvara, all are modes of Brahman, And gimmel dovetails nicely with that. Heaven-sent or without end, we experience the divine consciousness perfectly.

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