Sunday, April 28, 2019


This is a follow-on to my last post: WHY DO WE AND OUR LOVED ONES HAVE TO SUFFER AND DIE? In that post, I tried to explain why and how birth into a physical body and the eventual death of that body is not the end, but  just part of the duality that allows the soul to grow from minimal self-awareness to the eventual goal of Cosmic Consciousness. This post is a glimpse into this process in a more personal way, made more real to me by the recent passing of Jacqui, the love of my life.

In the previous post, I expressed the view of many at this point in time, the view that death is simply the end, in the following way:

“It seems that we are painfully born into an on-going story - not of our making - but in which we must act and interact, and over which we have little or no control, and from which we will depart in pain and suffering again. It is reasonable to ask: what is the reason for this? It seems very unfair. One answer … is that there is no answer, no reason. Our existence is an accident brought about by random events, and our experience of the world is ultimately meaningless:

Of course, the point of the post was that this is an illusion, that it is not true; that consciousness cannot be destroyed. It is what Eastern philosophies call “Maya”, what Christian mystics call ”Worldly Delusion”, and the realization that it is untrue is enlightenment, and the basis of “being saved”. Unfortunately, it is the dominant belief among scientists today, most of whom are either atheists or agnostics.

It is important to understand the difference between atheism and agnosticism. Atheism is the arrogant belief that there is no higher intelligence in the universe, no reason beyond the finite logic of the physical brain, and when the electro-chemical functioning of the brain ceases, consciousness is gone. Agnosticism, on the other hand, is simply honest skepticism, an attitude that a scientist should have about any question -  until there is evidence to the contrary. And there is evidence to the contrary of the shallow belief system called atheism. Let me amplify this with some personal experiences.

In 1996, Jacqui and I attended the “Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson II” Conference at the University of Arizona, Tucson, where I did a poster presentation of my paper “The Case for the Non-quantum Receptor”. After one of the sessions, I asked a well-known physicist if he had started meditating yet. He answered: “No, why should I?” and walked away before I could reply. If I had had a chance to reply, I would have said: Because you will never understand consciousness until you do!

It is also important to understand what meditation is not. It is not the various practices called meditation techniques, like physical postures, exercises, breath control, and mental focusing methods, etc. It’s not prayer or ritual, either. These practices and techniques can only bring you to the threshold of meditation. Meditation is direct contact with Primary Consciousness, the spiritual essence that underlies all reality. The practice of meditation techniques is like diving for pearls, diving deeper and deeper each time, until your consciousness merges with the “priceless pearl” of Primary Consciousness. No one can adequately describe this to you, it can only be understood by direct experience.

I could describe for you the serious scientific studies being carried out today by members of the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences, and other academic groups, that strongly support the reality of the existence of consciousness as spirit independent of bodily physical vehicles, but those descriptions are available in papers and publications by scientists like Dean Radin, Gary Schwartz, Marjorie Woollacott,  Imants Baruss, Stephan Schwartz, Mario Beauregard, Neppe, and Close, and many others. Just google these names and read their books and papers. For now, let me return to my personal objective experiences of spiritual reality.

We live in a world of life and death and seeming uncertainty. But, anyone who has even glimpsed the priceless pearl, the blazing gem at the heart of the lotus of the human mind, knows that the experience of the uncertainties of life and death is just a very persistent illusion meant to challenge us to go beyond appearances and become the spiritual beings we are meant to be. One evening in September of 1960, I experienced what Jesus meant when he said; “The light of the body is the eye; If, therefore, thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light.” I’ve written about it in Chapter 8, The Doorway of Light, in my book Transcendental Physics, readily available from Amazon and other sources on line. In this experience, one that happened during Kriya Yoga initiation, the energy centers called “chakras” converged to form one brilliant light. From that point forward, my life changed. I knew the purpose and meaning of my life. I’ve shared some of this realization on this blog.

Recently, I experienced the loss of the presence of my soulmate Jacqui’s physical form, but re-confirmed the survival of the consciousness of our loved ones beyond their brief tenure in physical bodies. In our new book, Secrets of the Sacred Cube, a Cosmic Love Story, Jacqui and I describe some of our first-hand experiences of the existence of consciousness beyond the physical body. This book should be available soon.

Since the new book went to press, I have had even more evidence of the reality of spiritual life beyond the grave. In a double-blind experiment arranged by others, Jacqui produced undeniable evidence of her continued existence as a thinking, loving being. Because it is in the form of data from an exploratory double-blind scientific experiment, this evidence will probably be published in a future paper and/or book.

The bottom line here is: Spirituality is no longer a subjective belief. With the discovery of gimmel, the existence of spiritual reality behind the appearances of the physical universe is measurable, and spiritual experience can now be studied by applying the scientific method and mathematical proof. The golden bird of science has at last escaped the dead-end cage of materialism!


  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    Do you have any insights as to how spirit communication works? In particular, the soulphone foundation has worked with various mediums to create a communication framework that doesn't require talented mediums.

    The primary question I would ask those in the afterlife is how they are organized in a society. Often, you hear claims by mediums that they don't eat food or have sex. It would seem they can manifest anything they can imagine, as this is the basis of the communication device mentioned by the soulphone foundation. In short, the scientists on the other side can very quickly iterate new research designs to have an affect (or effect?) on this world.

    Could you explore how this is possible or what Gary Schwartz is up to?

  2. Also, if you are so inclined, I would love to hear your point of view in terms of testing quantum mechanical (yes, mainstream) views of the mind:

    In particular, what is predicted from toy models of neurons? Does collapse of the wavefunction cause consciousness and so god 'saw us' into existence?