Saturday, April 6, 2019


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"We must make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."  Albert Einstein

I want to ask you to humor me today and indulge with me in some simple mathematics. Contrary to what many people think, mathematics will not make your head explode. In fact, your head, and everything else, operates on principles of pure mathematics. The universe and everything that’s in it, is a mathematical expression of thoughts in the mind of God. If you dread and fear mathematics as something that will make you feel stupid, it’s because you’ve been programmed by the backward and heavy-handed way mathematics is taught in our schools. Today, I want to give you a glimpse of how simple the mathematics of reality can be. Reality is mathematical, and math is reality.

Reality is comprised of mass, energy, space, time and consciousness; nothing more, nothing less. “Wait a minute!” I hear you say, “Now you are talking about physics!” And that’s another subject you’ve been assiduously taught to dread as unbelievably complicated and difficult. It’s not. It’s simple mathematics. Contrary to what some elitist, ego-driven mainstream physicists revel in making us believe, physics is the simplest of the sciences. All complete mathematical descriptions of reality are reducible to relationships between only five simple things, mass, energy, space, time, and consciousness, but no description of reality is complete without all five. These five things are quantized in nature. That means that they are multiples of some small unit called a quantum. That’s all, nothing complicated. When everything is measured in three-dimensional quantum equivalence units, everything is in integers, whole number multiples of quantum units, and all the complex abstract mathematics mainstream physicists like to dazzle you with, fall away as the illusions they are.

With the discovery and empirical validation of gimmel as a quantum of consciousness, we can no longer speak of matter and energy or space and time alone, consciousness must be included, otherwise the natural symmetry and stability that holds the universe together is lost. E = mc2, for example, is incomplete. Let E represent energy, m represent mass, s represent space, and t represent time. Then, reducing the equation it to its primary elements we have E = m(s/t)2. What is missing? Consciousness. So the problem for us now, is how do we include consciousness in the equations of science? The simplest expression describing reality is R = f(m,E,s,t,C). Read this as: Finite reality is a function of mass, energy, space, time and consciousness, period. To find out what that function looks like, we need only reduce the equations of science to expressions in multi-dimensional quantum equivalence units of mass, energy, space, time, and consciousness. Reality is completely described in equations in variable of three dimensions of space, three dimensions of time, and three dimensions of consciousness. The first equations I transformed into quantum equivalence units were the simple equations representing the combinations of quarks that form protons and neutrons. Everything else follows from there.

We take things apart to understand how things work, and through that understanding to manipulate reality. This has its good and bad aspects, but without an understanding of what reality is, the outcomes are mostly bad. We pay for the advantage of manipulating reality by suffering from the degradation of our natural environment. Real science re-integrates all things again so that we begin to understand what reality really is. As the cartoon character Pogo said: “We has met the enemy, and he is us!”

So Transcendental Physics and the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) are nothing more than putting the humpty-dumpty of particle physics back together again! Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and any other ology you may know about, are not really different things. They are all fragments of the same thing. Just as the Large Hadron Collider seeks to understand an atom by destroying it, the specialized “ologies” of mainstream science destroy the holism of reality. It is time to put things back together again.  When reunited by the calculus of dimensional distinctions in quantum equivalence units, natural science is reborn, and we begin to understand the nature of reality.

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