Wednesday, January 31, 2018


With birth, the Universe has given you a priceless gift, consisting of a body with a brain, completing the Sacred Triad of body, mind and soul, manifesting in the world of mass, energy and consciousness. - It is a precious gift; don’t abuse it; and be careful how you use it.

It is a gift so rare; it has infinite potential, but how will you proceed? You have six degrees of freedom: you can move forward, backward, up, down, and sideways, right or left. The gift of your life is a unique and wonderfully made vehicle; how you use it to move is your choice.

You can try to remain stationary to avoid pain, but that will not work for very long, because the Universe is dynamic; it has a purpose. It will force you to keep moving, with or without your conscious will, until you catch a glimpse of the Goal and begin to search for a way to reach it.

Until you see that the River of Life has meaning and purpose, and start consciously moving in harmony with its currents, your vehicle will be tossed, like a fragile bubble in a mountain stream, your consciousness will flicker on and off, like flashes of lightening in a distant summer cloud.

Eventually, you become weary of the swirling dance, and begin to chart your own path, to propel your craft toward the Goal. Finally, after learning to negotiate the vicissitudes of the River of Life, you can, at last, return to your real home: The Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness.

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