Thursday, January 4, 2018


We exist in a world of laws, physical laws, psychological laws and spiritual laws. Science tells us that the universe has existed for billions of years and will exist for billions of years to come. How is it, then, that some of us, in just a few years in a physical body, come to think that we know more than the universe? The folly of this reasoning is obvious, and is reflected in the words: “The wages of sin are death.”

There is no sin except action contrary to the laws of the universe. These laws are mathematical. You violate them at your own risk. Alignment with them is crucial. Your survival and the survival of human beings as a species depends upon it. So why not spend a little time every day, preferably just after arising every morning and just before going to sleep every night, aligning yourself, body, mind and soul with the laws of the universe?

How does one do this? It is easier than you might think. The main problem lies in your thinking. The universe is conscious and all-inclusive. Alignment with the laws of the universe is quite natural, if you can even momentarily quiet the chatter of your mind. The laws of physics, mind and spirit are always there. The seemingly random confusion of life is in your thinking, not in the existential reality of the universe. If you throw off the misperception of irrational desires and false expectations, the truth emerges like the sun when storm clouds are blown away.

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