Saturday, February 18, 2017


The TRUE Quantum Unit and the Third Form
By Edward R. Close

In this paper, focusing on the four most basic elementary particles: photons, electrons, up-quarks and down-quarks, a system of mathematical logic operating on quantum mass-energy-volumetric equivalence units is introduced. The Triadic Rotational Unit of Equivalence (TRUE, or True unit, for short) quantum equivalence unit is derived from the basic principles of quantum mechanics, relativity and particle-wave complementarity. 

The calculus of Newton and Leibniz is shown to be inappropriate for application to quantum phenomena. Introduction of quantum equivalence units enables us to revise the calculus of Newton and Leibniz and produce a calculus that is more appropriate for application to the phenomena of relativistic quantum reality.

Applying this new calculus to elementary particles and combinations of elementary particles, we obtain a clearer understanding of sub-atomic and atomic structure, and of the interchange of mass, energy and a third form of reality that we call “gimmel”. 

Gimmel is not directly measurable as mass or energy, but is necessary for atomic stability. The discovery of this third form of reality opens the door to a deeper understanding of the nature of reality. The use of the quantized system of mathematical logic clears up some of the “quantum weirdness”, yields new information about the multi-dimensional nature of reality, and makes the scientific description and analysis of quantum phenomena much more comprehensible. Some experimental data and observations that have puzzled scientists for decades, and that are inexplicable within the standard model of the current paradigm, are explained.

The Calculus of Distinctions, operating with Gimmel and Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence (TRUE units) provides the missing link between consciousness and physical reality.

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