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In 1671, the German polymath Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz posed the most important question for science to answer when he asked: “Why is there something rather than nothing?”

For more than 300 years, science has had no answer to Leibniz’s question; in fact, science has not even tried to answer this question. But, without the answer to this question, science is doomed to eventually self-destruct.

Let me explain: Without the answer to this question, over the past 300 years, science has become increasingly more negative, spiraling into nihilism.

(Nihilism is defined by Webster as “the viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless”.) Nihilism denies the existence of any absolute objective truth, especially moral truth.

The lack of any answer to Leibniz’s question in the current scientific paradigm has leading scientists saying things like:

“However wonderful the works of man may be, they are doomed to disappear in the great heat-death of the universe as it expands into nothingness.”

“The world as we find it today, is an improbable accident resulting from random combinations of matter and energy evolving in space and time. It is simply an ephemeral, meaningless part of an otherwise violent and chaotic reality.”

 “The more we learn about reality, the more meaningless it becomes.”

 “We are nothing more than debris flying away from an explosion that occurred 13.7 billion years ago.”

Science fiction movies that were once imaginative visions of the future of human civilization, under the influence of this metaphysically bankrupt view have devolved into drab, terrifying predictions of doom and despair: futures of global self-destruction, annihilation by natural causes, or invasion by aliens to whom human beings are as insignificant as pond scum.

This pervading nihilistic belief system has produced scores of scientists and students who openly proclaim to be atheists and declare that there is no place for concepts of spirituality, transcendence or God. This vapid attitude has filtered down to the masses of modern humanity, resulting in rampant hedonism, loss of self-worth, despair, and senseless violence like school shootings, suicide and radical terrorism.

Why there is something rather than nothing is the most important question of all for science, but this question is just a corollary to an even more important question:   Why do you, I and other conscious beings exist, as opposed to not existing?

This question is of utmost importance because, if we did not exist, i.e., if there were no conscious beings, and no consciousness, Leibniz’s question would not only be unimportant, it would not exist. Whether there is something or nothing would be of no consequence with no one here to experience it.

For more than 300 years, science had no answer to Leibniz’s question, but in 2015, Neppe and Close answered it definitively: The answer is provided by the discovery of a third form of the substance of reality. This third form of reality, which we have called ‘gimmel’ is neither matter nor energy, yet it must exist in conjunction with mass and energy in order for there to be something rather than nothing. Our proof of this has been published in posts on this blog and elsewhere in scientific and professional journals.

This answer, in the simplest possible form is:
There is something rather than nothing because there is something that is nothing, by the standards of scientific materialism.

With this something, gimmel, that is not directly measurable as mass or energy, we see that reality actually has logic, purpose and meaning behind it. That purpose and meaning is the logic of consciousness, reflected in the logical structure of reality. This has a lot of ramifications, not the least of which is restoring purpose and meaning to human life.

What does the answer to Leibniz’s question have to do with the question of our own personal being as opposed to not being? The discovery that there is a non-physical reality that not only exists in every atom of physical reality, but must be there in order for there to be something instead of nothing, brings with it the realization that gimmel, exhibiting logic, meaning and purpose, the hallmarks of consciousness, is an essential non-physical part of reality. In the 9-dimensional reality revealed by the Close-Neppe theory of everything, TDVP*, matter, energy and individualized consciousness are comprised of finite distinctions of spatial extension, embedded in time, which is embedded in the primary ever-existing form of consciousness, which I have called ‘Primary Consciousness’.  It is necessarily ever-existing because it had to be there for the first particle to emerge from any big-bang, or any other event of origin.

We now have a scientific basis for the objective investigation of Primary Consciousness through self-inspection of our own consciousness as a finite conscious field related directly to the gimmel in the quarks, electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, molecules, organs, and neural systems of our bodies. Our bodies are thus seen as living vehicles for consciousness, temples within which to honor the logic, meaning and purpose of Primary Consciousness. Realization of self in this way, ultimately becomes realization of the Self of Primary Consciousness.

Self-Realization re-integrates the awareness of physical reality with the awareness of the underlying non-physical reality, the true source of reality, known traditionally as God.

Why is this so important? Because as long as science continues to deny the existence of the non-physical source of reality, the excesses of self-centered egoism, greed, crime and violence will continue to be the end result. Without understanding the meaning and purpose of reality, the existence of life in the physical universe is a recipe for disaster. As long as science defines itself as simple materialistic reductionism, it is a loose cannon. Without the understanding that we are non-physical beings inhabiting physical bodies in a universe whose source and most basic nature is spiritual, even the most advanced civilization on the planet is like a baby playing with a loaded shot-gun, a menace to itself and everything around it.

The answer is to open science and the consciousness of the every human being to the reality of our connection with each other, all life, and the consciousness of the cosmos.. With the realization in every heart that "I am that I am", hatred and senseless violence will cease, and the wonder of the spiritual universe will shine through!

* TDVP = the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm

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  1. The very reason I was mystically-initiated in 1980 to become a Cosmic Citizen - My God, my Higher Self, what I know as the Ultimate Force, needs to experience in a perfected material sense on Earth all It created out of Its Originality before It, Itself, has to return to Its Originality and state the process all over again, ad infinitum - Nothing has always been Something and scientists and theologians who think otherwise just don't deserve to be part of the Odyssey, so the speak! May UF be with you, Edward! Amun!