Monday, February 1, 2016


There are a number of unresolved problems that have puzzled scientists for decades. These are empirical observations and measurements that are not explained by the Standard Model, the materialistic scientific paradigm of mainstream physics today. We (Neppe and Close) have presented a paradigm shift to the TDVP, a theory including the interaction of consciousness with physical reality, a theory that solves these problems. Applying the principles of TDVP over the past couple of years, we have discovered new concepts and solved a long list of problems.

Past paradigm shifts, like relativity and quantum physics, were ridiculed by mainstream scientists at first, but were eventually accepted because they solved problems and explained things that the existing theories could not, and predicted things that could be validated by experiment. We are at that point now with TDVP.
Just like relativity explained the observed aberration of the orbit of the planet Mercury from the path predicted by Newtonian physics, and quantum physics explained Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, TDVP explains many heretofore unexplained experimental observations and theoretical paradoxes. And, we are excited by the fact that we are making new discoveries answering scientific conundrums almost daily!

Here is a list of seven problems that are resolved by the application of TRUE Unit Analysis in TDVP, the consciousness-based scientific paradigm:

1.  Why the elementary subatomic particles protons and neutrons are made up of three quarks, not two or some number other than three.
2.  Why the particles making up ordinary matter have ½ spin numbers.
3.  Why the Cabibbo mixing angle of quarks has the specific value determined from experimental evidence.
4.  Why protons and neutrons have so much more effective mass than the sum of three quarks.
5.  Why do mainstream scientists consider quantum phenomena ‘weird’?
6.   Why all elementary particles behave as if they were spherical
7.  Why there is something, as opposed to nothing.

In addition to solving problems that cannot be resolved with the current paradigm, the new paradigm indicates probable solutions to some even more major cosmological problems:

1.  The Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
2.  The Origin of the Universe
3.  The Future of the Universe
4.  The Relation of Individual Awareness to the Primary Form of Consciousness

In previous posts, I have described briefly how, by combining the principles of relativity and quantum physics, we have defined the minimum quantum unit of volume and mass. And how, by setting the measures of mass, energy, space, and time of the electron equal to unity, we have derived the TRUE quantum unit of equivalence, where TRUE stands for Triadic, Rotational Unit of Equivalence. Application of TRUE unit analysis led to the discovery of the third form of reality: gimmel, that is not measurable as mass or energy, but nevertheless, is necessary for stable physical structure in the universe.

Finally, Calculus of Distinctions analysis with the TRUE unit leads to the conclusion that the universe we experience is uniquely designed by a pre-existing Primary Form of Consciousness for the explicit purpose of the physical, mental and spiritual evolution of individualized consciousness.

In future posts I plan to discuss each of the problems solved and predictions of TDVP in more detail.

ERC 02/01/2016

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