Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mathematics Made Simple - God's Love in Numbers

Poetry, Art, Music, and Science are all attempts of the Human Spirit to understand ourselves, the world around us, and how the universe works. Mathematics is the language that we use to describe the physical laws that we find operating in the physical universe. Mathematics also relates to poetry, music and art. Why is that? Because mathematics is a simplified language. It is a reflection of the mind of God and His unconditional love is so great that when he created us he made certain we would be able to discover Him through the pursuit of truth whether it be through art, music, science or religion.

The following short video is provided as a bit of fun and, hopefully, a way to help you see that mathematics can be a really simple, easy language to learn and enjoy.

If a video does not appear above, or if it is not rendered properly, click this link to watch the video on YouTube:

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