Sunday, July 14, 2013

Consciousness was First

Have you seen Morgan Freeman and his program "Through the Wormhole?" (

Tonight they were talking about the "alien" consciousness of plants. It was a good show and demonstrated the state of recent research. I was struck, however, by the fact that science is still stuck in the idea that consciousness is an epiphenomenon that somehow spontaneously arises when physical systems are complex enough.

Many years ago, I asked these questions:  What if we scientists are wrong about consciousness?  What if Consciousness came first, instead of matter?

After many years pursuing the ramifications of that question, I can say conclusively that Consciousness did come first.

Not the consciousness we experience as an individual person, but a grand, undifferentiated, infinite consciousness that I call Primary Consciousness, an undifferentiated conscious substrate out of which all complexity, life and self-awareness arise.

Scientists featured on that program, and in general, still have it backward. Fortunately, that is changing and the future looks ever more promising for this materialistic world-view to fall away.

Consider this...It has been calculated that it would take over 200 Billion Years of evolution to produce the type of diversity we see in the world, yet our universe is estimated to have existed for less than 14 Billion Years in total.

The currently accepted, standard concept of consciousness is far too limited.  It is time move beyond the limitations of dogmatic materialism.

Based on the mathematics and research I am completing, there would be no complexity without the underlying organizing action of the primary form of consciousness. The primary form of consciousness has no beginning and no end. In the theory developed with my co-author and collaborator, Dr. Vernon Neppe, we put consciousness into the equations and turn science around.

For more information, visit and purchase our latest book, Reality Begins with Consciousness. You can read the first chapter by scrolling down on this website to the Post dated May 28, 2013, and titled: Reality Begins with Consciousness Chapter 1.

Edward R Close, PhD, PE
Mathematical-Physicist, Cosmologist, Author and Speaker

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