Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What is TDVP?

TDVP is an acronym for "Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm, a Theory of Everything model developed by Vernon M. Neppe, PhD and Edward R Close, PhD, and presented in their first collaboration: Reality Begins with Consciousness.

TDVP is new, first published in 2011, so the ramifications of this work are not fully understood. However, TDVP  is believed to be much closer to a "theory of everything" than any physical theory such as string theory or M-brane theory, primarily because it opens science to a totally new way of understanding all we currently know, and puts consciousness into the equations of science for the very first time. This inclusion of consciousness from the beginning, before the first particle of matter ever existed, allows science to explore entirely new realms, including examining spiritual experience, and explains many things that cannot be explained by current science, such as how the Hydrogen atom is created and why it is the building block of the universe, it also explains the fine-structure constant and the Cabibbo mixing angle which have served as puzzles most physicists say are just too strange to understand, and it does even more. It unites relativity and quantum physics, and provides a much needed bridge between science and spirituality.

Dr. Vernon Neppe                      Reality Begins with Consciousness                 Dr. Edward R. Close

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