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The Human Condition

We are living in difficult times. In one sense, it’s no worse than any other time, but in another very real sense, we are entering the most dangerous time since World War II. We are, in fact already in WW III, the Tribulation, and the End Times predicted in scripture. We are experiencing an epic struggle between good and evil. Absolute lies are being promoted as truth and the truth is often hidden or distorted for political purposes. This struggle between good and evil has always been there, hidden by the fake battles of left vs right or democrats vs republicans. The forces of evil are not stupid. They do not play by anyone’s rules. They don’t wear black hats or intimidating uniforms to announce their intention to do evil, they rely on stealth; but they have been emboldened by the human complacency that overtook us as we were finally coming out of the dark ages, and now they are panicking because they know that they will ultimately fail. But, like cornered animals, they are now becoming most dangerous.

Trying to Bring Order out of Chaos

I know I am faced with a challenge here; the challenge of speaking truth to people who have become deeply divided due to the efforts of the dark side of humanity that is operating through certain individual evil souls, reincarnating time after time as tyrants, trying to hang on to the physical and psychological control of the masses that they gained through physical violence and subversion in the times of the lowest ebb of mental and spiritual virtue in this planetary time cycle, known as the dark ages. As spiritual beings, we are trying to emerge from the spiritually darkest 2400 years of this round of Earth’s planetary time cycles, consisting of 1200 years of descending virtue and 1200 years of ascending virtue; time periods centering around the lowest point in current human history, 499 AD, together known as the descending and ascending Kali Yugas, spanning the time period from 701 BC to 1699 AD.

What we are experiencing now are the last gasps of the evil forces of the Kali Yugas trying to hold on to their power over humanity as we move into the Dwapara Yuga. In the West, the resistance to spiritual growth is surfacing in the form of the remnants of despotic rulers and monarchs still reluctant to relinquish economic or psychological control and the illusion of superiority. We are only 1,522 years past the lowest point and still 10,478 years from the next peak of mental and spiritual virtue for the average conscious being on this planet, so the forces of evil are still strong.

The Incompleteness of Order

Order is conveyed into the finite, quantized physical universe from the infinitely continuous spiritual source of reality by the incarnation of  spiritual souls living in physical bodies that act like antennas to receive certain frequencies of energies that are part of the order of the Spiritual Cosmos needed for survival. But chaos is also conveyed into physical reality in the same way by evil souls who want to perpetuate the dark ages and feed on the energies of evolving souls, thereby retarding their progress. The incompleteness theorems, proved by Kurt Gödel in 1933 as we were entering the ascending Dwapara Yuga, describes the eternal incompleteness of all finite logical systems, including the logical order of the physical universe. The finite physical universe is never complete, expanding eternally into the infinity of Cosmic Consciousness.

Existing on the Edge

As human beings, we exist on the multi-dimensional interface between the infinite spiritual realm and the finite quantized physical reality of inhabitable planets with organic life forms, giving us the opportunity to evolve spiritually. We live through numerous individual lives, progressing from being barely aware, to self-awareness, to Cosmic Consciousness as beings of light who are one with the Infinite intelligence that provides the positive order of reality that endures in the face of the negative forces of chaos.

The Fallacy of Binary Thinking

I have taken pains in these posts to make the point that the binary thinking of True vs False, “Us vs Them”, Boolean Algebra, and the ones and zeros of AI computer programming must be replaced by triadic logic (as in the TDVP model of reality of Neppe & Close) as we progress into times of newly expanded consciousness, for science to progress. Specifically, as relates to the current series of fabricated crises designed to depopulate the planet and keep economic and military control in the hands of the self-appointed global elite, the “us vs them”, left vs right, Republican vs Democrat form of binary thinking is just what the dark forces need, to hang on to their power. They are not interested in those games as such, other than as cover for their true objectives, and as a minor plus in their efforts to reduce the numbers of the masses currently living on this planet.

The greatest danger to the orderly progression of human beings toward any sort of happiness in the physical realm and the eventual ecstasy of Cosmic Consciousness is not global warming or mobs of white supremacists, or Black Lives Matter rioters, it is those who think they can replace the Cosmic Intelligence that creates, maintains, and evolves the logic and order of physical reality and dictate to the rest of us how, or even if, we can live our lives. We have far too many idols and false gods today, and the imperative: “everyone should vote” is dead wrong. Voters need to be informed. Every uninformed or mis-informed voter is a contributor to the chaos necessary for evil to succeed.

How do you become informed? Do your own research, but not on Twitter, Google, or the mainstream media. “Garbage in, garbage out” is not just true for the AI of computers and news commentators, It’s just as true for the average human brain. If you have no direct knowledge about a candidate, do not vote for him or her. If your own thinking is all you have to go on, use some common sense. How can you know who to vote for, when the difference between a psychotic liar and a professional politician is almost always undiscernible on the surface, the answer is obvious: You will “know them by their fruits”, i.e., by the results of their actions. That’s the proof, not what they say they will do. Politicians are trained to say what people want to hear.        

What Does the Future Hold?

I think anyone with some awareness of what has been going on for the last 40 years, and especially the last six years, is waiting, with some level of anxiety and trepidation, ranging from mild concern to abject fear, to see what is going to happen next. Here are my thoughts about the situation: I don’t favor a red wave or a blue retention of power next month or in 2024. I would rather see more voters, and those responsible for the openness and integrity of our elections, become actively and devotedly non-political and fact driven by personal knowledge. I would like to see candidates with a desire to serve and with no allegiance to anyone because of donations or political favors, find their way into office. Some experience in management is good, but career politicians who have become multi-millionaires, or even billionaires while in office, are not public servants, they are parasites.

My predictions:

I don’t agree with those who predict doom and gloom. I believe that we have progressed far enough spiritually in the last 300 years, that the truth will eventually prevail, despite all the efforts to hide or distort it by many politicians on both sides of the isle. I predict that common sense and informed consensus will prevail. Those behind globalism will fail because the people are slowly waking up. No slavery of any kind will be tolerated much longer. The global elitists are pushing for more war to hide their crimes against humanity, and the average human being is susceptible to neurolinguistic programming, so there is great danger of civil unrest after the election next month, regardless of who wins the elections, especially if it’s overwhelming one way or the other.

Republicans will regain control of both houses of congress if election fraud is held to a minimum. But then, they will have to seek out and eliminate the globalists subversives among them who have been bought by the billionaire psychopaths, to get anything positive done. Contrary to the expectations of most American conservatives and independents, after the midterm elections, the Democrats will also purge their ranks of Leftists who are working to destroy America and Western Civilization. Before 2024, America will re-emerge as the bastion of freedom and liberty it has been for the past 200 + years.

A global government will eventually be established, I think by the year 2141, but not by coercion, and we may be allowed to join a galactic alliance of some sort after the year 2541.

ERC 10/02/22

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