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Accelerating Consciousness Expansion

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There are as many methods to accelerate consciousness expansion as there are people who have done it. However, that’s still a very small number, relative to the number pf people who claim to be enlightened. There are many fake gurus. That’s part of the evil side of human consciousness, call it duality, Satan, Lucifer, or whatever. How can you tell a real spiritual teacher from the want-to-be gurus? By the fruits of their actions. If a self-proclaimed know-it-all’s personal life is a mess, why would you take advice from him?

Fortunately, there are a few who have already expanded their consciousness all the way to the Ultimate goal of Cosmic Consciousness, either in this life, or in previous lives. Yes, this can happen even during these dark times while the mental and spiritual virtue of the average inhabitant of this planet is very low; and when you are ready, it will happen to you.

I have been blessed to meet a few of those who have expanded consciousness beyond the current prevalent level. One began a talk about the Ultimate, saying: “The Spiritual Masters of all ages have reached the Ultimate, but there is a problem: how can it be explained to those who haven’t?” No word can describe the Ultimate, no group can achieve it, and those organizations that aspire to achieve the ultimate, quickly become subverted by the innate evil of this world lurking in our minds, unseen in plain sight! This is why I recommend avoiding becoming involved with institutionalized organizations as much as possible. It is best to embark upon the path of consciousness expansion without pre-conceived religious, philosophical, or scientific notions, because they are effective mental barriers to spiritual progress, blocking the direct experience of reality. Adopting someone else’s belief system is like trying to see the sunrise while covering your head with a blanket.

Before I write about practical techniques of consciousness expansion, it is incumbent upon me to try to dispel the popular delusion about science and religion, if I can. As they exist at this time on this planet, organized science and organized religion provide fertile grounds for the trickery of the forces of evil. Both mainstream science and world-wide religious organizations entail belief systems that invite you to blindly engage in unquestioning acceptance. Real science and real religion do not require mindless compliance and they are not antithetical. Both should be dedicated to finding the truth about the nature of reality. When fully integrated, they will comprise the one and only true religion. But right now, this world has many false religions.

There is one very powerful false religion griping the world today, and it’s hidden in plain sight. It’s called mainstream science. That title is very misleading. Big science is no longer real science. It has been politically corrupted and turned into a money-making, brain-washing scheme for the ultimate social evil of soul-destroying dialectic materialism. Like any other religion, natural science started off with honest inquiry and good intent, but in just a few hundred years, it has become the opposite of what was intended. The more powerful mainstream science becomes, the more it works to undermine and shut down any thinking that is not consistent with its paradigm. It especially deplores the objective investigation of non-physical phenomena and spirituality.

Like any other corrupted belief system, it has become a powerful mechanism that is used by the egoistic tyrannical elite to control the masses through the carrot and stick of material rewards and fear of annihilation. Like any other false religion, it has to put down free thought. An enlightened proletariat is a threat to the ruling class today, exactly the same way it was in 553 A.D., when Justinian I subverted the real spiritual content of the teachings of Jesus in early Christianity by crucifying its Jewish leaders and putting what Justinian saw as a growing cult threatening his absolute authority, under the control of the Holy Roman Empire. See Secrets of the Sacred Cube, A Cosmic Love Story, Part VI, Patterns of Good and Evil, Outskirts Press, 2019 for more detail.

I have spent a large part of my life studying to become a scientist, earning degrees, teaching math and science, getting science-related jobs, and working as a scientist. The biggest mistake that honest people who identify themselves as members of mainstream science can make, is to allow themselves to fall into the trap of believing that no one knows more than they do. The moment you fall into the delusion that no thought has any value unless it is recognized by mainstream science and fits into the mainstream paradigm, you are no longer likely to make much real progress, because you have become a member of the religious cult of scientism. Just like members of a religious sect who believe that only they are going to Heaven, members of the cult of scientism believe that only they have found the real path to truth and utopia.

Like every religion, scientism, had exciting potential for doing good when it began with the magnificent discoveries of a few very brilliant people. But the light brought into the world fades when the geniuses are gone, and lesser beings take over to institutionalize the teachings and discoveries. Just a few years ago, I realized that the science I was enthralled with when I first found Albert Einstein’s relativity, had been subverted by the evil of egoism. The realization struck home when I heard a leading scientist seeking publicity say: “We are nothing but debris flying away from a big explosion!” And I heard a young woman in an interview on national TV, say: “I am a scientist, so of course, I am an atheist.”

When I decided to become a theoretical physicist, I didn’t sign up to be an atheist! Far from it. On that summer evening in 1951, standing on the bank of that farm pond less than a mile from where I now live, I called out to God, and He answered! Suddenly, my consciousness was expanded beyond my comprehension, and immediately I saw the Holy Spirit glowing in everything around me and heard the sound of silence reverberating in my soul. You can read my account of that experience on page 43 of my first book, The Book of Atma, Libra Publishers, New York, 1977, if you want. From that moment on, I knew that real science and real spirituality are actually one and the same thing. There’s only one reality. It is not in conflict with itself, and your consciousness is designed to experience it directly, not through the filter of crafty word salads prepared by the minions of evil.

I am not against science. I am against the use of science for political gain. When politicians say, “We’re following the science”, they are relying on the likelihood that listeners have bought into the lie that science is always right. Politicians who say that they will always follow the science are lying to you. They will only follow “the science” when it agrees with their agenda. And science is not always right, because the very meaning of science is to probe, hypothesize, test, and falsify or verify. Science is constantly changing as consciousness expands to discover new aspects of reality.

So, what are some of the ways that might be helpful if you want to try to expand your consciousness? Self-inquiry, science, prayer, religious ritual, seeking the fellowship of saints, practicing the presence of God, meditation techniques, mental exercises, psychological analysis, positive thinking, affirmations, mantras, spiritual pilgrimages, Yoga, Buddhism, Christian mysticism, Sufism, fasting, mind-altering substances, reading the Bible, asking what would Jesus do? All of the above, some of the above, none of the above? Actually, the approach that will work best for you depends on where you are in your own personal spiritual journey. Perhaps I need to elaborate on that briefly.


People alive on the planet at this time, tend to gravitate toward one of two states of mind: the giver or the taker. Th taker never has enough, and the giver can never give enough, so both are in a perpetual state of need. But reality is not binary, it is triadic. The third choice is to realize that in reality, we possess nothing, and have no need to give or receive. Possessing nothing, we have everything. Trying to possess something, we have nothing. To be clear, I am not advocating communism, where the state owns everything, or capitalism, where the banks own everything. Whatever the form of government, preferably somewhere between the extremes, the individual should realize that ultimately, no one, and no organization of people can ever possess any part of reality. Even your body is a gift from God, not a possession. It's a gift over which you are given responsibility, not ownership. The third way is the royal way: the way of the observant, benevolent king. And the triadic nature of reality is important to keep in mind for many reasons.

Recall the quote from Nikola Tesla in the last post:

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

The magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9 is displayed in the symmetry and grandeur of the repetitive patterns in the kingdom of creation. But reality can only be understood from the point of view of a conscious observer. Conceptualizations that do not include consciousness in its three forms: primary, secondary, and tertiary, are incomplete and misleading. An overview, from the primary, cosmic, or galactic point of view, is one of a smooth, infinitely continuous progression from the simplicity of the first binary distinction to the infinite complexity of God. That smooth progression is not linear, but increasingly exponential and multi-dimensional as galactic time goes on.

As you zoom in on a segment of the progression, toward the lower end, where we are today as human beings on Planet Earth (Planetary Time 2022 A.D.), the progression begins to look grainy, composed of objects that are composed of elements that are composed of quantized matter, energy, and consciousness. Matter is spatial, energy is temporal, and consciousness is the self-referential aspect of quantized mass, energy, and consciousness. But the essence of reality is infinitely continuous and non-physical. As pointed out in the many previous publications and posts, reality is mostly (about 95.1% at present) non-physical. Recall that Tesla said:

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

As part of humanity, you and I, dear reader, are part of the science of the future that Tesla refers to. We will become experts in consciousness expansion by trying all of the methods listed in the last paragraph of the previous section of this post over many lifetimes. Experts are not necessarily special or gifted. An expert in a given endeavor is just someone who has made pretty much all of the mistakes that can be made in relation to that endeavor. Here, I would like to paraphrase Nikola Tesla:

The human brain is a receiver. The transmitter is the heart of reality, from which love, knowledge, strength, and inspiration radiate. Everyone should consider his [or her] body a priceless gift from one whom we love above all, a marvelous work of art, of indescribable beauty, and mystery beyond human conception, and so delicate … an antenna capable of tuning in to the thoughts of G0D!

It is incumbent upon each and every human being to do everything within our power to determine exactly where we are, singularly and collectively, on the spiritual journey, and find the perfect method for our individual advancement toward Cosmic Consciousness, as kings and queens in the Kingdom of Heaven.



The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! – Matthew 6:22-23

Your body can be a dark prison of despair, or it can be a temple/laboratory filled with light. Which do you want? It’s your choice. We have to admit, however, that, for most of us, making our eye single and turning our bodies from dark prisons into divine laboratories of light is much easier said than done! In fact, it is so difficult that most people don’t even try; most prefer to relent, rather than repent, sink into habit, and think of the scripture above as only a metaphor, and the forces of evil rejoice.


Flashes of Light

After practicing consciousness-stabilizing meditation techniques for a while, or when in a deep state of relaxation just before going to sleep at night, you may see flashes of light or swirling whiteness behind the darkness of closed eyes. I am not referring to light flashes that may form in the optic nerve or brain from the random activation of light receptors and firing of synapses in the brain that sometimes occurs just after you turn the light out and your physical eyes are trying to see when there is nothing for them to see. I am also not talking about the circular light images caused by the light pressure of your finger tips on your closed eyes in yoga practices like Yoti Mudra, that are designed to create light images to focus your attention.

I am talking about the light that exists beyond such physically generated images, the real light from the threshold and beyond. That light comes into your consciousness through the spiritual eye, the single eye, located slightly above, and in front of the two physical eyes. Our physical eyes are limited to reception of only a very narrow band of electromagnetic radiation, the spiritual eye is not.


Objective Self Inquiry

Many people are drawn to the guided self-inquiry of psychoanalysis, and they generally enjoy it, as long as it is comfortable and reassuring to the ego, but they often recoil and avoid the real, objective Self-inquiry that I am talking about here, because it exposes the ego as a fraud. When the ego begins to dissolve, fear of oblivion comes to its rescue. Believing that attachment to the body is the only reality, the ego sees death of the body as the end of everything and tries to hold on as long as it can.

It is to the ego’s advantage to hide the existence of the threshold from you by promoting the lie that nothing exists but matter and physical force, that physical forms of organic life are the only venues of consciousness, and that death is the scary “undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns”. If you never experience consciousness outside of the body during this life, the lie might as well be true. But escaping the physical and intellectual traps of life on this planet will take considerable effort and then an effortless effort on your part.

Being aware that there is a threshold, upon which moving forward into a more expanded state of consciousness may be possible, is a start. But the negative forces of duality have given your ego a lot of tricks to employ, including the ability to conjure up attractive images and fantasies. So, care must be taken to develop a strict discipline of internal objectivity; otherwise, a lot of precious time and energy can be wasted reacting to imaginary demons and chasing false flags, all designed to distract and hide real spiritual phenomena from you. The key is to cultivate a calm, expectant, but patient awareness. Then, Primary Consciousness, the higher intelligence behind all things, will reveal itself to you when you are ready.

The natural entropy of the physical form and your attachment to it makes it seem that your hair is on fire, and that you must act. “Do something, even if it is wrong!” but that is the illusion of time that comes along with attachment to a physical body. Physical time is quantized, but spiritual time is infinitely deep and continuous. An important part of the spiritual journey lies in developing the patience to be able to surrender to the will of God and allow yourself to become aligned with the natural patterns of reality and the logic of Primary Consciousness. When you are aligned, your consciousness expands, and you begin to see the whole picture, you realize that that everything is exactly as it should be. Then life is no longer the weathering of a storm, you can dance in the rain, see God’s love in a wild flower, and eternity in an hour. Once you are fully awake, you know that your body is a truly a temple of light; you know that the darkness of sleep and death can no longer touch you; you know that you are immortal, and you know that there is nothing, and never was, anything to fear.


ERC – 4/23/2022

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