Friday, April 23, 2021




The USA is now sliding down the same path pursued by the bloodiest tyrannical governments of recent world history: The Roman Empire, Hitler’s National Socialist Germany, Mao’s China, Stalin's Russia, and almost every Islamic country today! Right now, as with those failed and failing regimes, our predominant existing regime, regardless of the party, and regardless of how it got there, is seeking to control what the general public is allowed to hear and think! That’s how tyrannical governments seek to maintain their power. Any critical speech, or even the asking of a legitimate question about the current regime is not allowed on network “news”, or most social media.

This shutting down of free speech is one thing the founders of this country tried mightily to prevent, with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. But in spite of the requirement for our elected politicians to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution, they are rapidly destroying the freedoms we fought for in World War II. The freedom our founding fathers tried so hard to establish for all Americans is slipping away from us now, because of the plans and actions of a loosely-organized group of leftist ideologs and social elitists. But they are not as smart as they think they are. I believe there really is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that it is darkest just before the dawn!

Most ordinary people on every side of this debate who like to post their opinions on social media, obviously have little or no knowledge of the patient efforts of the elitists who have been pushing policies to subvert and destroy our democratic republic, or how they have maneuvered us to this point. Many post links to videos of political activists they happen to agree with, and “fact-checkers” who also turn out to be other political activists who agree with them, thus remaining ignorant of the actual facts. The loosely-associated political and economic elitists who have been pushing toward their goal of world domination, to my knowledge for more than five decades now, are using the very same tactics as their predecessors, including Julius Caesar, Justinian I, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler. These tactics include: “Divide and conquer, the ends justify the means, any convenient lie, especially if it is a big lie, if repeated often, will eventually be believed by a majority of the people, and dissenting opinions must be silenced.” They have also infiltrated public education and denounced all religions as “the opiate of the masses”. Like all their predecessors, they are resorting to suppression of free speech and pushing for eugenics, i.e., selective genocide, disguised as “social engineering” to get rid of those “deplorables” they cannot use or control. But we are catching on, and I believe enough of us will wake up before it is too late[EC1] . The awakening has started. See the interview at the end of this post.

After posting a few blogs addressing political issues in 2020, I have chosen to remain quiet for several reasons. When I wrote about what I actually knew to be true, most of the responses I received were positive. There may have been more who disagreed, and just ignored me, but there were only three people who responded negatively. I have no problem with people believing something different than I do. Open debate is a good thing. But one of the three used foul language, called me names and kept sending me links to insulting political-activist propaganda. I asked him to stop, but he persisted. I ignored him for a while, and finally threatened to block his rude offensive intrusions. But what prompted me to stop addressing what I know to be a serious problem for our nation, were the other two responses. They came from two people for whom I have love and respect. I felt that no expression of political opinion is worth losing dear friends over. Now I think that this was the wrong thing to do. Anyone who fails to stand up for truth helps to enable the big lie.

Impugning those who disagree with you, especially using profanity and calling them names, is never justifiable. In a free society, everyone has the right to believe what they want to and express their opinion about any subject. I have lived and worked in countries where free speech is not allowed before, and have seen how fear of government persecution ruins lives. Repeating as fact the biased spin of political activists, however, no matter how much you want to believe their interpretations, is also unacceptable. If everyone would refrain from repeating the opinions of biased political activists, and only comment on things they know about personally, from direct experience, then most of the vitriol and anger prevalent currently would be eliminated. So, while I will no longer refrain from commenting on political issues, I will only comment based on my own experience, not hearsay, and I will try hard to be respectful of those I consider to be misguided, and even of those who I believe are willfully evil.

I think my perspective is unique and worthy of expression and consideration, not just because I was alive before and during World War II, the Korean War, Viet Nam War, and the sixteen foreign conflicts that the US has been involved in since, but because I have specific experience and knowledge related to the current difficult situation. My credentials and intellectual capabilities are a matter of public record and can be found in a variety of places online, including Google and Microsoft search engines,, Nature's Mold Rx, and . I will endeavor to clearly distinguish between what I know as fact, and my personal opinion, and I will explain how I happen to know about some of the covert plans and activities by enemies, both foreign and domestic, to undermine and destroy the democratic republic of the United States of America. Subtle subversive activities that have been going on behind the scenes during at least the last 50 years of my lifetime. If saying this puts me at risk, then so be it. In the free country that the USA once was, I had a right to tell you what I know, and express my opinion about it, without fear of reprisal from evil forces. From things being reported on national news now, it appears that that’s no longer the case. We are no longer allowed to think for ourselves.

The first hint I had that the US might be sowing the seeds of its own demise was in 1962, when I was a graduate student in theoretical physics, taking a course in quantum mechanics. It was in a summer class with only 12 students, and one was a Chinese national. American Universities were being encouraged by the government of John F. Kennedy’s Administration to enroll as many foreign national students as possible. It seemed like a good idea to me. I knew that the language of science was, and is, mathematics, a truly international language. I had been interested in languages since an early age. Growing up in a mining town full of immigrants and first and second generation families, I heard several languages daily, including Hungarian, German, Cajun French, and English with Scottish, Irish, and Welsh accents. By the age of 11 or 12, I had begun to study Spanish, French, and German. In college and university, I endeavored to befriend foreign students to learn about their language and culture. It was quite natural for me to try to strike up a conversation with the Chinese student in my quantum mechanics class.

At first, he was very reserved, but eventually, I learned that he did not intend to apply for US citizenship and seek employment here after graduation. He planned to return to Beijing (then called Peking by English-speaking people). That certainly didn’t raise any kind of red flag for me, because I believed that seeking scientific knowledge was a global effort and that increasing knowledge and understanding anywhere in the world would enhance international cooperation and increase the potential for world peace. I thought this was the attitude of all human beings and governments. But I, like most academics, was naïve. The Chinese Communist Government was, and is, openly antagonistic to any form of democracy, and they have clearly stated their goal of world domination many times. As I began to get to know the Chinese physics student, I realized that he was actually a spy, with great disdain for the American way of life.

I learned that he believed that American society in general, and America’s government in particular, were a decadent collection of egoistic fools driven by greed, and that America would be easily conquered by what he considered to be the superior governmental system of communism, based on dialectic materialism, within a few decades. In particular, he saw our “New-Age Liberals” as America’s Achilles heel, self-indulgent and complacent. At the time, I thought his attitude was ridiculous, because I identified with those complacent Liberals, and I thought that he and his mentors in China were probably a very small group of extremists who would be overwhelmed by the natural human desire for peace and harmony. But, I began to see, as time went on, that I was wrong. The surge of foreign students, welcomed by the American academic community in the name of diversity, continued to grow, increasing by about 5% to 10% per year to nearly 900,000 in 2013-14, with over 530,000 Chinese nationals, mostly graduate students, and most  of them were hand-picked by their government and trained to infiltrate every level of American society, especially higher education and politics.

The influx of Chinese students declined from that number, to about 340,000 in 2018-19, still by far the highest number from any foreign country. While much of the decline after 2016 was because of the Trump Administration’s anti-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) actions and then in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the decline before 2020, in my opinion, was due in no small part, to the dumbing-down of the American public educational system during the creeping rise of socialism in this country. There is ample evidence of the dumbing-down of American public education over the past 40 years, but I don’t have to rely on government statistics, which may be skewed by politically biased assumptions, I observed it as it was happening, myself. I think a side-bar explanation is warranted to explain.

When I was a student in US elementary and secondary public schools between 1942 and 1955, those who did not master the course material of reading, writing, and mathematics proficiency at the minimum level of any given grade, were not passed on to the next grade until they did. Not many failed, but a few did. I had a classmate or two who fell one, to, and three years behind their age group. Students’ grades were calculated by teachers based on standardized norms, and were placed on report cards as E, S. M, I, or F. Those letters were abbreviations for “Excellent, Superior, Medium, Inferior, and Failing”. By the time I took my first job as a secondary-school math teacher in 1962, the dumbing-down was already well under way. The three-level path through public education based on student aptitude had been abandoned. Students of all levels of ability were mixed together in over-crowded classrooms, and expected to study academic subjects whether they were interested in them or not. I was also surprised to find that, as a public high school math teacher, I was one of a rare few who actually had a degree in mathematics. In addition, I was told by the school Principal, who was also the Basketball coach, that I couldn’t fail anyone, even if they never passed a single test.

I really enjoyed teaching, and in my very first year as a high-school math teacher, my students swept the regional math contest where they were up against students from several much larger schools. I was told by the Principal, when I began preparing students for the contest by offering to come in on weekends for anyone who wanted extra help, that I “shouldn’t get their hopes up.” Because “our school had never won anything in the regional contest in the past”. When my students won first place in all five categories, and amassed the highest total score of any school competing, it barely got notice. Not only did the Principal not congratulate us, but I also had to write the article myself, to get it into the local newspaper.

The re-defining of the meaning of certain common English words was also being imposed by the National Education Association (NEA) a union whose mission statement includes: The NEA is a group of all sorts of people “… friends who believe in the power of public education to transform lives and create a more just and inclusive society“ - apparently at the expense of excellence in education. E,S,M,I,F was replaced by A,B,C,D, and students who had failed, were said to have been “held back”, as if their failure were the teachers’ fault. All of this social engineering by people who are supposed to be educating our children, created generations of young people who are not motivated to strive for excellence, and who believe that their failures are always someone else’s fault. Such people form the perfect base for a proletariat class that can be easily controlled and manipulated. This no-fault approach, designed to ”create a more just and inclusive society” has produced many graduates of the secondary public education system who cannot read, write, or do basic arithmetic at what used to be the eighth-grade level. Just where do you think these socialist anti-competitive ideas came from.

After two years in this public high school teaching position, I looked for work elsewhere. I was still a graduate student in theoretical physics, and when the County Schools Superintendent told me that, if I wanted to be hired a third year, I would have to shave my beard, it was the last straw. That and the fact that garbage collectors were getting paid more than high school teachers, convinced me that I had better move on to bigger and better things. I have to say, however, that it was very pleasing and satisfying to learn, two years later, that one of my students, who told me on my very first day as a math teacher, that he didn’t like math, had graduated Magna cum Laude in electrical engineering from one of the best engineering schools in the country! I also ran into one of my students about 10 years after I left public school teaching for good, who told me that being in my math classes had inspired him to become a math teacher himself. These successes as a teacher warmed my heart, but also saddened me because I had felt it necessary to leave such a rewarding profession.

As might have been expected, this dumbing-down of American education worked its way all the way up to the university level in one generation. By the 1980s, when I was working as an environmental engineer overseas, I found that American engineers and scientists had to prove themselves to the professionals from other countries because those professionals had seen too many Americans with graduate degrees who were almost totally ignorant in any subject except their own narrow area of specialization, and couldn’t write a coherent sentence, even in their own native language.

I might still think that the massive invasion of Chinese students hand-picked by the Chinese Communist Party, the dumbing-down of American education by socialist organizations conflating education with social engineering, and most of the US media being bought out and controlled by wealthy elitist leftist ideologues, all happening at the same time, and the release of a man-made virus that has destroyed the US economy, exactly when the Trump administration was doing serious damage to the Chinese Communist Party’s growing ability to reach for global dominance, could all be an amazing coincidence, and the belief that there could be a global cabal controlling it all, is just a conspiracy theory, except for one thing: It happens to be true. I have evidence of it from the time I was in Washington DC as a government systems analyst, and since. And here’s a link to an interview with Dr. Reiner Fuelimich, a German legal scholar, who is currently being attacked by leftists for telling the truth. His information is based on numerous interviews with real scientists, not political-activist scientists like Dr Andrew Faucci who have sold their souls to the evil of big pharma and the CCP. He explains very articulately exactly what has been going on for the past year. Please watch it to the end, especially if you consider yourself to be a spiritual person and a liberal. It’s a real eye-opener!



  1. I wholeheartedly agree, Ed!! We can only speak from that which we know as truth and what God has revealed to us. I’ve lived long enough, too, too see what’s happening and thanks be to God for His Spirit sharing with me some secrets that only God can reveal. Keep sharing!

  2. Your article is spot on about dumbing down America. Today people know nothing about the law, civil rights, or even our constitution. So sad. I think I sent u a video about Sasha Stone interviewing ex- Illuminati Ron Bernard. Very eye opening. Gives me hope. Blessings to u ❤️

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