Tuesday, September 8, 2020




I think this message may be for more than one person, but I will speak as if I were talking just to you.

I don’t know about everybody out there, some of them may just be empty suits, walking cadavers, milling around like extras on a stage, waiting to walk off into oblivion, but I know that you and I are spiritual beings just inhabiting physical bodies for a short while to experience physical life, to help each other, and to learn how to be better souls. If this Earth is a place to learn, like a sort of kindergarten for undeveloped and developing souls, as you and I think it is, then it certainly is giving us an abundance of opportunities right now to grow spiritually. This COVID-19 nonsense gives us plenty of opportunity to practice non-attachment and patience!

As spiritual beings, it is natural for us to expect life to make sense. Right now, not much of it does, thanks to the political division, suspicion, and hatred caused by those who think they have the right to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. We expect life to be fulfilling and rewarding. Right now, that seems to be on hold. We believe our lives should be fulfilling and rewarding because we feel our connection with God’s Love, and with each other. But the promoters of this Covid fear want us to be separate and miserable. That’s what the psychopathic elite, who want governmental control of us all, do: They create a crisis, and then pretend that they know how to fix it! Elect us, they say, and we will make the world will go back to normal! But, on this physical Earth, a bell can’t be un-rung. They either deliberately let Covid out, or they took advantage of an accident, happily magnifying it into a handy tool to gain more control over every part of our lives. Either way, the impact is horrible.

Those who tear their hair out, carry outrageously offensive signs, and yell obscenities at others whose religious or political beliefs they don’t understand, are just adding fuel to the fire. Such activities indicate the possibility that the performers are examples of the empty-suit extras I mentioned, who can’t wait to become cadavers in a civil war! If you are among those, even if you aren’t an empty suit, you are advertising to all that you don’t believe in God. If you did, you would know that a loving God certainly would not want you to yell obscenities and threaten bodily harm to other souls who happen to look different, and believe different things than you do. I just don’t think that God would approve of anyone insulting souls who happen have different beliefs, or who happen to be inhabiting different colored bodies than theirs.

But for you and me, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn to practice non-attachment and patience. We must align ourselves with the natural laws of reality, otherwise known as God’s will, and let go of the desire for the world to conform to our own personal ideas of what it should be; that’s God’s business. But don’t misunderstand me. I’m not advocating that we do nothing and just accept whatever happens. No, far from it. Some of us might be able to be uninvolved, but not many of us can be inactive observers. Most of us must act. But each of us should be sure that our action is a positive action, not a negative reaction. If you feel the need to vote, then you have an obligation to become an informed voter. That means doing the best you can to understand the issues, and to know the facts. If you don’t get informed, you are just adding to the randomness of the process. And if you only listen to one side, you are bound to be mis-informed about most issues, and that makes you a part of the problem not the solution. Be informed, or don’t vote!

No, you know me well enough to know that I’m not going to tell anyone how to vote in November. And yes, you probably know what I’m going to do, so I don’t need to tell you. But please think long and deep about being patient and emotionally unattached to the outcome. I know politicians cannot do this; they are like lawyers: they have to be partisan. Think of them as players on a team. When the ball game is over, real people go home and get on with life. But career politicians can’t do that. The game IS their life. As spiritual beings, we must pray for them, because they have sold their souls to the devil! They have no freewill, they must do what the party decides is best to win the game. To paraphrase Mark Twain again, Never trust idiots, crooks, thieves, and Congress – but I repeat myself!

As you and I know, because we’ve proved it scientifically and in the results of our spiritual practice, God exists, and God is smart enough not to get involved in politics. But God is in control, allowing crazy stuff to happen once in a while, to jolt us out of complacency. Knowing that God, not us, is in control, is what allows us to practice patience and non-attachment. Contrary to what many people think, the world will not end if one side does not win. In fact, the world will go on, because God is not through with us yet. And it might even get better!

ERC September 8, 2020


  1. meme of the moment- "please think long and deep about being patient and emotionally unattached to the outcome. I know politicians cannot do this; they are like lawyers:........." 👉


  2. Thank you for this spiritually mature sound message. It's nice to read someone that has calm insight into the negative chaos that surrounds us.bless you, and keep up the thoughtful insights.