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I spent most of the day yesterday unpacking dishes recently moved from my home of 28 years in Jackson Missouri. But, while doing that, I was thinking about a suggestion made by Grig Oprea of Academia Ars Moriendi in Bucharest Romania that she would like to see me offer some positive words of encouragement to the people of Romania and the rest of the world, to help us get through these worrisome times of the coronavirus scare. America, and most, if not all European countries, are virtually shut down now because of the coronavirus pandemic, and I have just returned from Romania a few days ago, just before travel bans were imposed.

My experiences with international travel at the time of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic provides a relevant background for this post. Like virtually everyone else in the civilized world, I have been directly affected by the shutdown, and like many, I am under a self-imposed 14-day quarantine because there is reason to suspect that I was probably exposed to the virus. My 10.5 hour flight from Istanbul Turkey was filled with people fleeing Europe and the Middle East, trying to get to America before the travel ban was to be imposed one day later. The plane was a Boeing 777, packed with families, people of all ages, crying, coughing, sneezing children, parents, grandparents, etc.

Many people think that mathematical models of reality, including TDVP, the model developed by Dr. Vernon Neppe and me, are theoretical constructs far removed from the every-day problems affecting real people. This is certainly true of string theories and any of the so-called Theories of Everything (TOEs) developed by theoretical physicists, but it is not true of TDVP. TDVP is the only model among potential TOEs that is fundamentally tied to physical reality and our consciousness of it. It utilizes a quantum calculus with the smallest mass of stable physical reality as the basis of all measurement, and it highlights the role of consciousness in the equations describing reality. This makes it unique: It is a model with a practical framework for solving real problems for real people. This is why Ms. Oprea suggested that we might be able to offer some practical insights into the coronavirus problem.

Conclusions about the nature of reality provided by application of TDVP principals tell us that, even though negative chaotic forces may invade our world from time to time, the real situation is that this universe of ours is a logically ordered system designed to support life. For billions of years, e.g., this planet has been circling a life-giving star, our sun, with the precision of finely-tuned clockwork. In a purely physical reality, this would not be possible. The physical law of entropy would not allow a logically structured universe to develop from a big-bang explosion in the first place. This bubble of meaningful information and purposeful order that allows conscious life to self-organize, flourish and evolve spiritually, has been protected from devolving into chaos by the logic and will of Primary Consciousness and is reflected in the will of the conscious beings currently populating our planet.

Application of the quantum logic of TDVP tells us that every process, event and change occurring in our reality always conforms to the all-encompassing logic of Primary Consciousness. In traditional spiritual terms, we might say: Even when things seem negative and chaotic, God is still in control. It may not seem that way, when we think that we are about to be overwhelmed by negative conditions like a viral pandemic. But in the final analysis, negative forces can never win. Not only because Primary Consciousness is actually in control, but also because we know now that, as conscious humans  beings, we participate in that control. What this means, is that your state of mind matters. The state of the consciousness of each and every conscious being contributes to the totality of the state of the logical system we call reality. Keeping a positive mindset in alignment with the innate structure of Primary Consciousness, manifesting as meaningful order (what Dr. Neppe and I call “ordropy”), is extremely important for our spiritual, mental and physical well-being,

So what can we do to make sure we survive the coronavirus pandemic scare? If you find yourself slipping into a negative state of mind, like the fear engendered by the coronavirus, turn your attention to your connection with Primary Consciousness. Primary Consciousness is present everywhere as the very fabric of reality, the logical consciousness substrate from which everything originates. Your connection with Primary Consciousness is to be found within you; it is your “I am”, the most intimate part of your being. If a feeling of negativity, like fear of the coronavirus persists, through your connection with Primary Consciousness, ask that that your attitude be changed. When that change occurs, you will realize that the logical structure of Primary Consciousness is the essence of reality shining forth like a bright star, and that negativity is like darkness; it has no existence of its own. Just like darkness is simply the absence of light, negativity is the absence of the innate logical structure of consciousness.

Finally, in the worst-case scenario, suppose you succumb to fear, you are exposed to the virus, you are among the one to two percent of those contracting the virus who will die, and your physical body ceases to function. The quantum logic of TDVP tells us that the conservation of mass and energy, one of the most basic laws of physics, extends to consciousness. So, as an individual manifestation of consciousness, you will not cease to exist. Because TDVP is not a theory, but has been verified by experimental data and unique experience, this conclusion that your consciousness will survive the death of the physical body is not a theory, it is fact, and your consciousness is immortal. Thus, we can say: “Death, where is thy victory, where is thy sting?” As the World War II leader of Great Britain famously said: “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself!”

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