Sunday, May 6, 2018



You’re born, you live, you strive, you die.
A few years, one or one hundred, - why?

Is there something you can learn about?
Before the flame of life burns out?

To save you from ignoble strife
That seems to be your lot in life?

Is it written that you must strive,
Work, eat and sleep to stay alive.

But, there must be something more than this,
Is there Love or Peace or Joy, -  Eternal bliss?

If not, then why waste our breath
To chase a dream that ends in death?

But, what if I could prove to you,
Through sweat and tears and drops of blood,
That hid beneath life’s residue,
There is a diamond in the mud?

What if I could prove beyond a doubt,
That in every atom’s murky quark,
Lives something none can do without:
The Gimmel Ring’s eternal spark,

shining light upon the keys
That open up the ancient doors,
Beyond which lie Eternities’
Peace, Love and Joy forevermore –

Would you be surprised?
ERC 5/6/18

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