Sunday, June 25, 2017



There are several things that I want to bring from our contemplations of the cube in Part I, and quantum reality in part II, into Part III. Those things include the Triadic Rotational Units of Equivalence (TRUE) units of mass, energy and gimel, the universal connectedness of all things and the importance of intuition.

Without intuition, we are adrift in an infinite sea; the world is like shifting sand beneath our feet. We seem to have been thrust, without being prepared, into an on-going drama, where we must try to survive in a harsh and brutal environment. Looking back, birth may seem like awakening from a deep sleep: Upon awakening, we look around and find that we have arrived in the middle of the strange story of life on this planet, with no knowledge of how it began, and even worse, no clue about how it might end. The whole scenario is a complete mystery. Our awareness of self seems unconnected with the world we experience. The only thing we know for sure is that we exist - and that we need to know more in order to continue to exist.

In most cases, we have no conscious memory of what happened before we open our eyes as an infant, but this is an illusion. We do have a deep somatic memory hidden in the RNA/DNA structure of our forming bodies. We are not born as empty containers, little blobs of unstructured protoplasm with no knowledge of the past. Not at all. In fact, each blob of protoplasm blossoming into this world has within it a vast storehouse of memories, physically manifest in complex single and double spiral structures called RNA and DNA, containing records of the distant past and blueprints for the distant future.

Also hidden from us as long as our consciousness is focused on and attached to the physical body, is the complete record of the process of the manifestation of Primary Consciousness in the finite worlds of nine dimensions. This memory in Primary Consciousness, existing beyond time and space, is called the Akashic Record. Our sub-conscious and super-conscious connection with Primary Consciousness is the reason we have an intuitive sense of direction, of meaning and purpose. Without this intuition, we are nothing, full of sound and fury for a while, signifying nothing. Without intuition, we have no way of knowing who we are, where we came from, or where we are going. We only know that we are conscious, and truly, for us, reality begins with consciousness.

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