Sunday, September 4, 2016


Is Cosmic Consciousness real? Is it something everyone can experience? The short answer is YES! The spiritual geniuses of all ages have extolled the ecstasy of Oneness with the Infinite, and now, science is at long last on the threshold of confirming the reality of their revelations. The ultimate paradigm shift is here. But most scientists are unaware of it and, in some cases, opposed to it because science education has slipped farther and farther in the last 50 years toward abject materialism and atheism. As a result, contemporary science has very little to say about consciousness, and virtually no awareness of the reality of the existence of Cosmic Consciousness shining forth eternally behind the façade of the physical universe.

Why has science missed the true essence of reality? The truth is, it hasn’t, - not entirely. Many hints have been there, bursting forth in the brilliance of the occasional genius, like Pythagoras, Poincare, Cantor, Fermat, Planck, Schrӧdinger and Einstein. Compelling clues are there, in the results of the insights of such geniuses; most noticeably in pure mathematics, relativity and quantum physics. Most contemporary scientists, however, blinded by the lesser light of the material success of the technological applications, miss the brilliance of the very real light of Cosmic Consciousness. But this is about to change.

Why is this about to change? It is about to change because the fundamental nature of science is the search for truth, and the truth cannot be hidden by the superficial metaphysical cloud of materialism. The truth is that no physical universe could exist without the third, non-physical substance, and this third form of reality is the ray of light that illuminates new science beyond the dead-end of materialism. We call this new science the Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm (TDVP). The nature of this third form is not theoretical: it is derived from particle physics data and pure mathematics. We have called this third form, possessing no mass and no energy, gimmel. The measure of the three forms, gimmel, matter and energy, is the Triadic Rotational Unit of Equivalence (TRUE), discovered by this writer and discussed on this blog and defined in Neppe-Close publications, including a peer-reviewed article published in the IQ Nexus Journal. I will post a link as soon as it is available.

It comes as no surprise to me that the ratios of ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ to baryonic (normal physical matter and energy) found by the Hubble probe are virtually the same (within the limits of measurement error) as the ratios of electron and nuclear gimmel to matter and energy in the natural elements of the universe. The mathematical details of this, worked out by Dr. Neppe, are published in our latest IQ Nexus Journal article.

Reality is composed of TRUE quantum units of mass, energy and consciousness, these triadic structures are the building blocks of the universe, and the source of TRUE is the infinite substrate of Cosmic Consciousness, as informed by the Conveyance Equations, derived and described in several Close-Neppe, Neppe-Close publications, including the book Reality Begins with Consciousness. The bottom line is: Reality is Consciousness, and the realization that every spark of individualized consciousness is actually a temporarily limited bubble of Cosmic Consciousness, reveals the fact that the goal of finite existence in the physical universe is the full realization of Cosmic Consciousness. And that realization is pure Ecstasy.


  1. From my own mystically-inspired perspective, Ed, I would just like to opine the following qualification: that it the goal of the Ultimate Force, our Real Deity and Higher Self, to ensure that finite existence in the physical universe eventually becomes the full realization of infinite Cosmic Consciousness - Yes, indeed, Ecstasy! IJN!

  2. More haste less speed, Ed! Typo: ... it is...