Friday, July 1, 2016


I believe we are now standing at a very critical point in the history of the human race. If we manage to survive the current hateful violence fostered by ignorance and the lack of a unified metaphysical understanding of Reality exacerbated by the politics of division; and if science can drag itself out of the dead end of abject materialism, some degree of sanity may eventually be restored to our world. These are admittedly very steep hills to climb, but I am hopeful that we have it in us, and that eventually truth will win out!

It would help if politicians and self-interest groups would stop telling half-truths and outright lies about each other. Ironically, although I don’t usually agree with racist groups, I found myself nodding in agreement with the “Black Lives Matter” leader who said "I think that this is an election potentially between a candidate that people are rightfully really concerned about and a candidate that is evil." But I may disagree with him about which is which. In fact, I think both of the current candidates for President are of questionable character. We may have to decide which represents the lesser evil.

Yes, Black Lives Matter is a racist group, because it emphasizes the importance of the lives of one group over others.  All lives are important and deserve our respect regardless of color or belief system. We must stop returning hate for hate and respond to hate with love, but it is not that simple!  We must also show a strong hand when necessary. The existence of people in the world today who happily hate, kill and maim innocents in the name of political ideology is unacceptable. And we can’t just ignore them, and we can’t just smile in our self-assigned superiority and bless them, because by doing so, we epitomize what they hate, and become the first people they want to kill.

Contrary to what some would have you believe, wars have never been about religion, they are always about political ideologies that misrepresent the teachings of great spiritual and intellectual thinkers in order to seize control of the lives of others.

History demonstrates, time after time, that the ideologies that profess to serve the interests of the downtrodden are the ideologies that bring the most death and destruction. They are subtle and insidious because they gain political dominance by professing compassion and concern for the greater good for all, and then use the power granted them by the gullible and needy masses to destroy all who disagree with them. Prime examples are the Holy Roman Empire, Nazi (Socialist) Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China, and Radical Jihadist Islam.
Science and education are the obvious remedies for the current widespread ignorance that has come about as a result of the willful distortion of history for the purpose of ideological dominance, and the destruction of individual peace and prosperity. But mainstream science has become the handmaiden of government and a type of intellectual atheistic elitism that seeks to replace traditional religious belief systems as the religion/ideology of the future. But real science should be about seeking truth, not defending belief systems. And yet this is what mainstream scientists do when they are disdainful and dismissive of those who think outside the box and try to bring science out of the dead end of atheistic materialism.

Political ideologies, whether based on theist or atheist belief systems are very dangerous, because they lead to the justification of the destruction of the lives of those who disagree with them. Unfortunately, the human species as a whole has not learned much from past experience because of the ideological distortions of history by those who seek to keep the masses in ignorance in order to maintain dominance and power over them. We are being hammered every day with every type of political misinformation. So, is there no hope? How can we know the truth when politicians, in order to win, have become such accomplished and sophisticated liars?

You do not have to accept the half-truths and lies being preached by the various politicians and political interest groups. You can actually do some serious research and think for yourself, but it will take some real effort to uncover the truth. It will be hard work, but most importantly, you need to realize that if you take the easy route, and choose to accept the propaganda of one of today’s vociferous political groups over another without question and vote accordingly, you are part of the problem!


  1. Well stated, Ed! All we can do, this lifetime, I feel, and against all odds, is to carry on trying to be a very much-needed part of the solution - I'm sure in my own mind, heart and soul that our efforts will not go amiss in the fundamental realm of cosmic consciousness, and I look forward to us being part of Homo Sapiens Cosmos in the future! Wishful thinking? I hope not, if my mystical-initiation of 1980 is to be believed - And believe it I do!

  2. Very rightly said! Humans, as a whole, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We need to see and curb the underhand political tactics being used under the guise of religion and race.

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