Thursday, September 17, 2015

The following is a new addition to the IQNexus feature article by Neppe and Close posted in this blog a few days ago.
The continuous infinite “super-reality” is directly inaccessible. However, components of it are mirrored in the finite discrete subreality. These are not separate because the finite is embedded in the infinite. Therefore, the finite in the infinite is not dualistic, like separate minds and bodies, or separate souls and physical beings, but reflects a “one-ness” that is inseparable. Infinity cannot be ignored. We postulate through TDVP, that the essential concepts of life and existence, and of multidimensional order, and of choice, might possibly all reflect different levels of the finite or infinite.
We’re like a finite land contained in an unending ocean in the infinite. The infinite has a different quality. There is no beginning and no end to space, to time and to the infinite repository of information. And this information translates into meaningful consciousness. And yet in the finite, everything manifests as discrete pieces of reality —quanta 202. The infinite is like water from an unending ocean impacting on the large land pieces and manifesting as specific meaningful molecules of H2O.
For us, we experience this finite subreality as small incomplete pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of our specific 3S-1t. This is limited through our restricted physical reduction valves. Components of this puzzle involve a consensual reality with others (such as seeing broadly the same sports game on television). Other parts are intensely personal and idiosyncratic (even our interpretation of that same sports game).
Yet, the infinite is pervading all Time and all Space, and potentially providing targeted intentioned, impactful, influential, interactive meaning and purpose in everything in the finite. In this way, the infinite is not a “virtual” reality: The infinite is as much a reality as our finite objects, yet we cannot conceive of most of it, and it is always influencing us at any moment. Moreover, we can change our fate and action, if only slightly, in the context of our little personal reality in that vast unending ocean. These are imprinted in that infinite super-reality, but only in the tiny portion that we’re directly involved in, although we may have greater, broader influences, like vortical ripples in a pond.
We, in 3S-1t, could phenomenologically interpret the unification of finite with infinite realities, and their linkage with gimmel, with Carl Gustav Jung’s concept of synchronicity 203. This is so in that, we, the experients, would be in a particular state of consciousness, when suddenly, something “intrudes” from another "dimension" altogether. This connects the initial state of that particular “something” in space and time, to an object, perhaps a thought, a symbol, or even a dream, that binds that state together with the second thought or symbol. Accompanying this linkage of the consciousness content, is the realization of the “magical” bond like a feeling of the infinite, or of a very important concept in psi research 204, like a blast of the "numinous". The numinous awareness stands out allowing the perception, interpretation, conceptualization and comprehension of two seemingly disparate events, things, thoughts or objects. They become actually joined meaningfully, in this instance, in our 3S-1t reality, which because of the consciousness is likely a 3S-1t-1C or 2C or 3C type experience. The likely unifier is the infinite flow of consciousness information (gimmel) translated and communicated across dimensions through vortical indivension into meaningful numina in 3S-1t [1]. For those in 3S-1t, the synchronicity is “acausal”—it appears without a cause, but that is just relative to 3S-1t, and, indeed, the linkage is more obvious at higher dimensional levels.

[1]  Numinous is a term deriving from German theologian Rudolf Otto in 1917, and embraced by Jung.  The numinous experience  has a sacred personal quality experienced as a communion with a “wholly Other”. Numina areintense, divine-like and transcendent,  with the tendency to invoke fear and to attract, fascinate and compel. They also might imply an easier psi target because they would stand out in such activities as “remote viewing”.

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