Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Is Mass?

By Edward R Close, PhD
May 23, 2015

If, as Max Planck said, there is no matter, then what is mass?

In this video, we answer this question, and in the process, answer several other questions that have puzzled physicists for decades, including:
1. What are elementary particles when they are not being observed and measured? Particles? Waves? Both? Or Neither?
2. How does answering the question "What Is Mass?" help us understand non-locality and action-at-a-distance phenomena, including gravity and quantum entanglement?

These are important questions that highlight the change required to the current paradigm by the mathematics and findings of TDVP. To learn the answers, watch the video below.

If for any reason you cannot see the video above, or it is not rendered properly, you may click the following link to be taken to YouTube and watch the video there.


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