Wednesday, June 10, 2020



I am not an average human being. Nowhere near the mean. But is that really a good thing? That’s for you to decide. I have been ill for several days now, nearly three months after being on a crowded flight from Eastern Europe just after the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, followed by months of almost total isolation. I finally came down with the flu, at least a flu; I’ve not been tested. But here are some thoughts about what I’ve experienced.

Anyone who has had a serious bout of the flu, regardless of which one, knows that you reach a point where you feel that you would have to get better to die! You will shout out to God, whether or not you believe there is one, with something like: “OH God! Why do I have to suffer like this?

When I reached this point, I dug in my heels, and said: “NO DAMN WAY! I am not going out this way! Nowhere is it written that I have to leave this world in mind-numbing pain and suffering! When the time comes, if it must, to leave my body, It is my intention to leave it consciously, in peace, without pain, suffering, or remorse. I intend to leave with a clean slate, an honest report that I have done with what I was given, the best I possibly could. That I reached my earthly potential, and am ready to move on.

Is this arrogance? Must I surrender to the fate of nearly everyone else? Is that the will of God? I don’t think so! Would a loving Father want pain and suffering for his child? I think not! Especially when I am told that He, in the form of a special incarnation, has done that for me. Must we surrender to the will of the author of this creation? Yes, of course, but in my opinion, it is much better to do it before you find yourself at Death’s door in pain and suffering.

He sent me here with specific things that I need to do. And I’m not leaving until they are done! Even when my beloved wife Jacqui had to leave, she said to me: “You must finish our job!” She even found a way to send me that message after her dear body had been cremated. In a message delivered through a triple-blind scientific experiment, she declared, with a statement and a promise: “Yes, I came to help you while I was alive, and I’m not going to stop just because I died!”

So, I’m sorry, Death Angel, thanks, but no thanks! I’m not ready to go yet. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to cross over to that other shore.

ERC June 10th 2020


  1. So glad you are beginning to recover. My cousin had a type of flu that sounds about like your experience. Awful! Good to 'see' you again! Blessings to you, Dr. Close!

  2. So glad you chose this�� Clarity, commitment create chemistry. It is our chemistry that creates the vibration that brings our resonance to a place you attained. ��

  3. Glad you are digging in and standing. I agree that God doesn’t mean for you to go this way! I have had something also, it is becoming clear to me that whether it is called the flu, a virus, or whatever .. it is trying to take good, kind, and helpful people out so that we can not continue doing good in this world. So. Dr. Close stay strong, keep your faith, and rise up. I will keep you in my prayers!

  4. Thank you! I really appreciate your comment!