Saturday, February 15, 2020


Today, America, and perhaps even the whole world, seems deeply divided. You may feel prompted to speak out against one side or the other; and that’s OK; but be careful! This is a subtle trap. If you find yourself being caught up in the vitriol of the division, if you are begining to hate those on the side opposing the side you think is right, beware! You are falling into the trap. You are becoming blind to the fact that we are all One. We all all children of the Most High. Our differences are quite minor, unless magnified by hatred.

Be advised that God is in control. If He were not, the cosmos would have devolved into utter chaos eons ago, the planets of our solar system would have spun into the sun, the sun would have exploded, and life as we know it would have ceased to exist.  But it hasn’t. This planet has continued to spin nights and days for billions of years, and conscious beings have spun their dreams of growth and positive development for hundreds of thousands of years. Human beings have loved and hated one another as long as two or more have formed a relationship, or a society. We live in an expanding bubble of positive growth, nurtured by Love and Light, protected from physical chaos by the meaning and purpose of a Higher Consciousness which opperates beyond our understanding as finite beings.

Whether you want to call that Higher Conscious Reality God, or Nature, or the Conscious Cosmos, makes no difference; It exists. If It did not, the laws of the physical universe, which we have discovered, tell us that no stable universe could possibly have developed from a vast explosion without the action of an organizer, and if the chaos of the explosion was harnesed and molded into the extremely complex stable reality of even the simplest life form found on this planet, then if that organizer were to go away, the expanding chaos of the explosion would destroy any existing stable structure in a nanosecond.

Once caught up in the dichotomy of political division, we tend to think that this division and animosity is the worst we’ve ever known. But that is not so. We have been more divided in the not-so-distant past. In our Civil War, for example, neighbors slaughtered neighbors, brothers even fought brothers. I am old enough to have met, when I was very young, yet older people who fought in that horrible war. I grew up playing on the earthen works of Fort Davidson in Pilot Knob, Missouri, where hundred of Union and Confederate solders died. I have visited Manassas, in Virginia, and shed tears for the lingering souls of young men who died there while local farm families watched the war’s first battle from horse-drawn wagons at the edge of the field. And many such divisions have split societies on this planet in the past. No, such division is not unique. But let us pray that we have grown enough spiritually to avoid bloodshed this time, and in the future.

The Creator of this bubble of life in an otherwise chaotic universe is not dead, nor is He absent. That organizing factor exists within each and every one of us. All consciousness is part of and linked eternally with the Higher Consciousness of the Cosmos. It is your job (no small task) to reconnect with that Cosmic Consciousness in your heart of hearts, and then to work to awaken that awareness in all hearts!

If the world seems wrong to you, it is a sure sign that you need to change yourself. You can only do so by making that reconnection with the Love and Light of the Higher Consciousness of the Organizer in your heart.

ERC – 02/15/2020

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