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A lot of time has been wasted by humankind in the history of life on this planet worrying about God. Is there a Supreme Being who created everything? If so, where did He/She/It come from? If there is no God, then why is everything here that’s here? Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz said: “The most important question is: why is there something rather than nothing?” Given that there is something, if there is a God who created it, is that God still here? Or is he beyond the creation we are capable of experiencing? Ludwig Wittgenstein said: “Where of one cannot speak, one must remain silent.” Let’s think about this for a minute. … a minute should be enough!

There are three possibilities: 1) God exists. 2) god does not exist. 3) God kind-of exists, e.g., maybe He/She, or Whatever, created all this, including us, soon got bored with it and us, and went off to do something else.

If 1) is true (the most popular answer) then there is no need to worry about Him/Her, or Whatever, … If He/She, or Whatever did all of this, i.e., created the amazingly intricate clockwork reality we can experience everyday if we don’t get completely lost in self-pity, then He/She, or Whatever, is certainly capable of taking care of Himself/Herself, or Whatever. No need to worry about Him/Her, or Whatever. It’s even less productive to try to convince others that He/She, or Whatever exists. It’s better to just get on with your life.

If 2) is true, then trying to convince others (the majority) that they’re wrong is very counter-productive, and a complete waste of your time. It’s better to just get on with your life.

If 3) is true, then He/She, or Whatever, is gone, and worrying about Something that’s nowhere to be found is a waste of time. It’s better to just get on with your life.

Conclusion: It’s just better to get on with your life.

Wittgenstein, and many other philosophers, scientists, and theologians, and even quite ordinary people, have spoken and written volumes and volumes about many things whereof one cannot speak. Those things eventually include the ultimate Nature of Reality and God, which, in my humble opinion, are one and the same thing. It’s better to take what Reality has given you, and just get on with your life.

But, what if Reality gave you the ability to think about things about which you cannot speak because there are no words with which to describe them – like God or the Ultimate Nature of Reality? Such as was probably the case with Leibniz and Wittgenstein. What if you find yourself to be a rarity among human beings with an Intelligence Quotient at the leading edge of the bell curve, who’s mean, and average is 100? What if you find yourself as rare as one in one-billion? Are you doomed to be lonely, even in a crowd?

A few years ago, I managed to corner a very intelligent young man named Doug on board a cruise ship for a few minutes, and tried to explain the Neppe-Close Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm to him. He later publicly warned people that talking with me for as little as10 minutes was hazardous. He said it might even cause your head to explode!

Have I led a lonely life? No. Reality provided me with a wife and son who understand everything I think about and say, - sometimes better than I do!

If you can’t understand everything I say about TDVP, or anything else I ramble on about, don’t worry about it. Take what Reality has given you, and get on with your life! Don’t worry about where you are on the bell-curve of human abilities. It makes no difference what your IQ or aptitudes are; it only matters what you do with them! I didn’t know I was the rarity that I apparently am until I was 73 years old, and that was a good thing. Had I known sooner; I would not have been able to live a normal life.

Whether the answer to the question about God is 1), 2) or 3), makes no difference in the Greater Scheme of things. Whether you have an IQ below 100, or above 200, also make no difference in the over-all movements of the planet Earth, the Solar System, the Milky-way Galaxy, the Universe, or all of Reality. Whether the real answer to the question about God is 1), 2) or 3), it’s pretty clear that human beings are a work in progress. The idea that all of us were created equal at birth, if anyone ever thought so, is obviously false.

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Constitution of the USA: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable Rights; that among these, are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness...

Based on the evidence of his knowledge and accomplishments during his lifetime, I believe Thomas Jefferson was a rare human being, doubtless on the leading edge of any measure of  human abilities. So it is very unlikely that he labored under the delusion that all men (or all human beings) are created equal at birth. If we are all created equal, then creation has to be an on-going thing, so that we are not completely created until we are, in fact, all equal; but we believe as free citizens of this world, that, regardless of our abilities, or lack thereof, we have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness to the best of or abilities, i.e., with what Reality has given us in each life. For a more complete explanation of what this is all about, see Secrets of the Sacred Cube, A Cosmic Love Story, by Ed and Jacqui Close, to be available any day now.

But don’t worry about God. If God exists, He/She or Whatever, can take care of Himself/Herself, or Whatever. If God doesn’t exist (a very unlikely reality in my opinion), then you’re on your own… Good luck with that!

ERC August 29, 2019

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