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by Edward R. Close, November 14, 2017

Evil is subtle, and good is easily ignored. And right now, we are at a critical point in the history of science and our civilization. University professors have been misguidedly teaching our children that everything is matter and energy evolving in space and time for many years. They are blinded by the intellectual trap of materialism. It has become common for mainstream scientists to say things like “The more we know, the more meaningless it becomes!” And “we are just accidental combinations of matter and energy flying away from an explosion that happened 13.8 billion years ago”. And young aspiring scientists are saying: “I’m a scientist, so of course I’m an atheist!”

This is not only wrong, it is subtly dangerous; - but the danger is not so subtle any more. The belief that when my body dies I cease to exist, leads to a self-serving attitude of “This is all there is, so I can do anything I want.” This is the reason crime, violence, murder and suicide are rampant in the world today. Science must change, and it must change quickly, if we are to survive as an intelligent civilization.

Science must change soon, and science can change, because intellectual atheism is not a valid scientific hypothesis, it cannot be proved or disproved within the current scientific paradigm. And anyone who is awake and aware of the elegant wonders of nature and the mathematical beauty of the music resounding throughout the atoms and the stars, knows in his or her heart that there is much more to Reality than matter and energy randomly revolving and dissolving in space-time.

About thirty years ago, I realized that conscious awareness depends on the existence of a real, but non-physical aspect of reality. In 1996 at the university of Arizona in Tucson, I presented the case for the non-quantum receptor at Tucson II: Toward a Science of Consciousness. And in 1997 I published my third book: Transcendental Physics. In 2008, I began to work with a world-renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD. As you may know, we have published numerous papers and manuscripts and we have spoken at national and international conferences announcing a new consciousness-based paradigm. But that is not what this post is about.

About five years ago, we discovered that, in addition to matter and energy, there is a third something that must exist at the quantum level for there to be any symmetrically stable subatomic particles. In other words, if there wasn’t something non-physical from the very beginning, there would not be a physical universe as we know it today. This discovery allowed us to work out a way to put consciousness into the equations of science, fulfilling a dream I had had for more than fifty years! By putting consciousness into the equations, we have explained things that have puzzled mainstream scientists for decades. But even that is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is that science must change, is about to change forever, and you need to know about it.

Scientists and theologians alike have told us for years that no one can prove with science and logic, that God and the human soul or spirit do or do not exist. This assumption has kept the world of scientists, whose “theories of everything” involve only matter and energy, and the world of spiritual people, who need no proof, forever apart. But this assumption is only true when science is limited to the materialistic belief system of current mainstream science. When the basis of science is expanded to include an element of consciousness, as we have done with the discovery of the third form of reality, which we call gimmel, that is no longer true.

The real existence of the world of Spirit and its interaction with physical reality is now a mathematically proven and scientifically demonstrable fact. Science is about to enter a completely new and exciting era. The real phenomena of spiritual experience can now be explained, within a scientific paradigm that also explains physical phenomena. For the first time in modern human history, every real phenomenon can be scientifically explored and explained.

In 1856, Nikola Tesla, the genius of electrical transmission and use, said: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence”.

This is what the work of Neppe and Close, and the new Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Science is all about. Stay tuned!


  1. Well said.

    Regarding the consequences of ignoring the reality of our "survival of consciousness" (to put it in the words of the current jargon), on top of what you said, there is something else which in my opinion is worth considering.
    If you take the belief in reincarnation (which, just like any other aspect of reality, can and have been studied scientifically, and to quite an extent), the problem is not just the proliferation of crime and it reasons: is the way we "good people" (quotes intended) handle it.
    While incarcerating criminals to "protect us", punishing them (since we are thought way too many things except to forgive), and just waiting for them to die might seem like the perfect way to make the problem disappear, what we really do is "put out the fire with gasoline".
    From the perspective of the belief in reincarnation, most of those criminals just come back the next life holding a grudge and to make even bigger problems.

  2. 'SCIENCE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER' - As it desperately needs to, Ed, and hopefully, in my mystically-initiated opinion, together with all traditional, fallacious and religious thinking! My website, www.vigiltrust.lk and associated Facebook sites, already well-known to and appreciated by you, provide full details in this respect.

  3. well Ed you still adhere to the old and erroneous Neumann/Wigner interpretation of quantum mechanics; nowadays physicists know it is wrong, blatantly wrong; there's no need for consciousness in the measurement problem in quantum mechanics; this is certain nowadays and accepted by science just as eg. global warming. Looks like you are becoming a science-denier, an anti-scientist. Apparently you deluded Neppe as well but he is not a physicist; in a few years i expect he might recognize his mistake(s).

    1. Time will tell, my friend. I'm telling you that scientific materialism is a dead end. Mainstream scientists have ignored what Planck, Einstein, Bohm, Von Neumann, Wigner, and many others have said, because they think bringing in the existence of anything non-physical is going backward. But in fact, it is moving forward. Real scientists must go where the data and empirical evidence leads, not stay trapped in the old closed-minded box of materialism. You can't just dismiss that which doesn't fit your paradigm. If the map doesn't match the terrain, you don't deny the existence of the countryside, you revise the map. The map of scientific materialism is demonstrably wrong in many ways. It is time to stop ignoring the facts and stop clinging to the materialistic model because of the mistaken idea that the acceptance of non-physical reality is turning back to superstition. The problem is that materialism is simply too simple and limited to explain the complexities of the real world. It is only a matter of time until the truth will win out over institutionalized materialism and academic doubt and reticence. More and more scientists, including physicists, are seeing the light.

  4. Edward Close et alia, My view is that Science was 'controlled' by the Christian Church. Anything challenging the Biblical/Abrahamic belief system was treated as 'Blasphemous'. Thus the Hindus are far far ahead in their knowledge. But the Average Western person is concerned with just the physical (poverty, lack of knowledge of the West, ill health, old technology etc. etc.) of the Hindus. The average Western person considers Hinduism as 'a belief in many Gods, PERIOD'. The ideas of time travel and time Dilation are described in Hindu Scriptures. The comments on this page prove the total UNwillingness of those from the West to even explore the Hindu way of life. Perhaps it's all too much for the Western 'Brains of Britain'to start comprehending .The Spiritual/NON-Physical aspects WERE studied from the original Sanskrit Scriptures WITH AN OPEN MIND, by the likes of Einstein, Oppenheimer, Niels Bohr, Enrico Fermi, Robert Oppenheimer, Richard Feynman etc. etc. This led to the MANUFACTURE of the atomic weapon. As examples of the Knowledge of the Hindus they had 10^53 (10 to the power of 53) as early as 100 BCE. This had a name too 'Tallakshanam'. They even had 10^140. Not just that in Anuyogdwar Sutra written in 100 BC one numeral is raised as high as 10^140. Copernicus published his theory of revolution of the Earth in 1543. The Hindu Aryabhatta, in 5th Century (400-500 CE) stated that the earth revolved round the Sun. Newtons Laws of Gravity (1687) were known to Bhaskacharya in his Surya Sidhanta some 1200 years previously. Not just this Bhaskacharaya calculated the time for the earth to orbit the Sun to 9 decimal places. This was given as 365.258756484 days. The smallest measure of time was 'Krati', 34,000th of a second to 4.32 Billion years in 21 steps. Plastic Surgery was practised by Shushruta in 600 BCE. The very word Geometry is not of Latin origin but Sanskrti. 'Geo' from 'Gya' (for 'Earth')and 'Metry' from 'Mati' (from 'Measure'). Similarly the Sanskrit word Trikonmaty has become 'Trigonometry'. I hereby urge you to open your MINDS if NOT YOUR HEARTS! Your HEARTS will open when you give up eating animals as the Hindus did!

    1. Dear Naresh, I agree with most of what you say. I have been a student of Paramahansa Yogananda's Yagoda Sat Sanga, (SRF) since 1960. I know that there was much higher knowledge in the Sat Yuga. The arrogance of European science, or any other since 24,000 years ago, is unwarranted.The science of Western civilization is not the acme of human knowledge and intelligence. And slaughtering animals has always been unnecessary and a Kali Yuga practice, Shanti.

    2. Last two comments well appreciated and in accord with my own'Y=X² + One' mystically-initiated cosmogony - In the past, I can recall somewhere, somehow, acronymically referring to myself as both 'Ba Ra I am Amen Now' and 'Brahman Reincarnation I am Atman Now' - Finely attuned, I assert, were the Ancient Egyptian Amenists and the Hindus, prior to Atonist perversions, which sadly still prevail.


  5. Lively exchange on this Ed! If I may one time. Evil did not create itself and I don't blame God for what does not exist. I feel evil merely is truth ignored. Perhaps there is no such thing as evil, only a word? Cold does not exist, only the lack of warmth relative to a measure. Darkness is only a lack of light. Evil is only the lacking of truth and love. Rays of Truth and Love have no concern of evil, that which does not exist before its' presence. Keep shining truth and evil will be cast like a shadow of the past. Peace and perpetual light! gwz369 out

    1. I totally agree with you Patrick. There is no such thing as evil, let alone one created by God, for him is an endless fountain of Love. Evil is, IMHO, just as you said, the lack of truth and love.
      Now... "The devil is in the details" (pun intended) so let me elaborate.

      All that follows is my humble opinion so don't take my word for it.

      At the end of the day, there is just what we do and the impact it carries.

      If, for the sake of this simple conversation, you allow me to posit that humans are a complicated, *multi-agent* system, then consider this problem from the much more universal perspective of the spiritual backing that underlies it all, even natural events, from atoms bonding to an earthquake, is also just what "WE" do and the impact it carries, for an extended definition of WE (i.e. not just us humans)

      If it ALL boils down to actions, then evil is no exception. But actions are carried by intellectual, context aware, goal driven, free-will agents (such as our _selves_ within us). As we progress, we figure out what is right and wrong, meaning, what is the impact of our actions, which follow from our decisions and express an intention (which does not always match the resulting impact).
      Evil is then just the impact of us doing what we do, having so so much to learn.

      The good news is that we have all of eternity, and no learning takes that long, so evil has an expiration date. At the edge of eternity, we might not even recall what was so wrong at the beginning.

    2. Yes, I agree, evil is a lack of truth just like darkness is the absence of light.

  6. This discovery allowed us to work out a way to put consciousness into the equations of science, fulfilling a dream I had had for more than fifty years! By putting consciousness into the equations, we have explained things that have puzzled mainstream scientists for decades. But even that is not the point of this post. 1z0-978 Exam Dumps