Sunday, December 18, 2016


Edward R. Close © December 18, 2016

“He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God.”  – Sir Isaac Newton

 I want to elaborate a little on some of the statements made in my last post, entitled “the connection between the physical and the spiritual and why mainstream science continues to miss the point”. I like to make my posts as ‘stand-alone’ as I can. Sometimes this is hard to do when the ideas involved are complex.

First, the real connection between the physical and the spiritual has been discovered and scientifically defined by Close and Neppe, and published in peer-reviewed technical papers and in articles for the layperson. Briefly described, the discovery came about through the application of TRUE quantum unit analysis. (Reminder: TRUE stands for Triadic Rotational Unit of Equivalence.) A third form of the substance or content of reality, something real in addition to mass and energy, was discovered to be necessary in every atom of the universe for there to be any stable physical reality. We call that third form “gimmel”.

Gimmel cannot be measured directly the way mass and energy can, but it contributes very significantly to the spin (energy) and angular momentum (force) of elementary particles in a way that makes them stable, much the same way a spinning top or gyroscope is stable. Gimmel makes the formation of life supporting elements possible. It turns out that gimmel is consciousness, or at least the agent of consciousness in the physical universe, and consciousness is spiritual and ultimately non-physical.

Second, believers in spirit and a higher intelligence may have been shocked a little when I said that “believe” may be the most dangerous word in the world. Ministers and theologians make a point of telling their followers that they must have faith and believe. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because they usually ask you to believe something good; but we must be very careful about what we believe in. Many religious and political beliefs have proved to have deadly consequences, as I pointed out in the last post. And it is always better to know something than it is to just “believe” it.

Sometimes, a faulty belief system leads people to think they know something that turns out to be false. To wit, I quoted mainstream scientists who’ve said: “We know that dark matter is some form of matter, we just don’t know what that form is.” This demonstrates how the ‘knowing’ of something based on a faulty belief system, in this case, the belief in the completeness of materialism, leads to an unwarranted conclusion. We have demonstrated, with high confidence, that dark matter and dark energy are gimmel, and gimmel is neither matter, nor a form of matter. Matter is measurable as mass and energy, gimmel is not. Not only that, as Planck said, “There is no matter as such.” Mass, which we associate with weight on the macro scale, is actually an effect of the resistance to motion caused by the multi-dimensional spin of quanta.

Real data from the double-slit delayed-choice experiment demonstrates the fact that quanta have no localized form until a conscious choice prompts an act that sets up the conditions that cause quanta to manifest as particles or waves. It is only when an irreversible distinction is observed that the illusion of space and time is created in the mind of the observer. Thus the consciousness of observers and the distinctions of mass, energy, space and time are inseparably linked in the perception of physical phenomena.

A conscious entity automatically compares what is observed through the senses with a limited number of images, subjectively constructed in mind from memories of experiences imperfectly stored in and retrieved from that entity’s unique neurological system. This process of experience, storage and retrieval, and subjective interpretation is the basis of the belief systems of conscious entities. As I pointed out, it is likely that most of the members of the mainstream materialistic priesthood, like the inquisitors of the medieval church, actually believe that they are right, and don’t realize that they have bought into a belief system based on unsupported, and now unsupportable a priori assumptions.

Mainstream scientists don’t realize that they are constantly misrepresenting and distorting Planck’s quantum physics and Einstein’s relativity by talking about massless and dimensionless particles and a supposed warping of space-time, in spite of clear statements by Planck and Einstein that there is no matter, space or time independent of mass and energy, and, more importantly, there is no knowledge of physical reality without consciousness.

This brings us back to the Sir Isaac Newton quote at the beginning of this post:

He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God
But he who really thinks has to believe in God
Materialism is a very attractive belief system for scientists because it greatly simplifies their job. They don’t have to concern themselves with the really hard questions like: What is consciousness? How and why are we conscious? How has the existence of complex living organisms exhibiting consciousness come about? And how could the highly organized complexity of a physical universe that is perfectly balanced to support living vehicles for consciousness come about in a universe dominated by the physical laws of thermodynamics that describe the tendency of purely physical systems to break down and decay?  

Materialism is an overly simplistic and now completely unsustainable belief system. The sooner mainstream science recognizes this fact, the sooner we can move on to the science of the future, a science much more comprehensive and inclusive of all human experience. The longer science lingers in the dead-end backwater of materialism, promoting the fallacy that existence has no meaning, the greater the danger that the human race will destroy itself.

Is it necessary to believe in an Infinite Consciousness as Newton suggests? Ultimately, yes. 

A universe with no higher consciousness than the intelligence of limited human beings is doomed to fail. Such a belief system cannot sustain itself. But the general understanding of the existence of a much higher intelligence, which is ultimately spiritual, not physical, whatever we choose to call it, will gradually become clearer as we open our minds to the infinity of reality and grow spiritually. So I urge everyone to have confidence. The finite consciousness we experience is capable of developing much further, even approaching the goal of understanding the Mind of God. 

In spite of the tendency of mainstream human thinking to cling to the limited and limiting belief system of materialism, the Truth will eventually emerge. Even those who suffer from the mental illness of atheism will not be lost forever. Think of them with as much love and compassion as you can. Even the most misguided are redeemable.


  1. "Even the most misguided are redeemable." Yes, Ed, but, in my mystically-initiated opinion, this will now only be at the controlling-discretion of the Ultimate Force, our Higher Self, and my Initiator's more scientific, non-denominational and innovative God, if It is ever to achieve Its balanced and perfected conscious-aspirations for humanity on planet Earth in the system of the Sun, ad infinitum. A very big pill to swallow, so to speak, Ed, but one that I indeed had to digest, if my profound 1980-experience, which I believe you, yourself, albeit unofficially, feel was real, was ever to be of any worth to my fellow-travellers - And, of course, the the Ultimate Force Itself!

    The following article, appearing on my own Facebook sites explains the reason for this seemingly 'mind-blowing' opinion - For, the Cosmos does indeed rule!!/10154442539331445/

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