Saturday, February 28, 2015


With the discovery of TRUE units, TDVP puts consciousness into the equations of the laws of nature and solves hard physics problems that have puzzled physicists for more than 50 years. TDVP also answers questions about real psychic and spiritual phenomena, and gives meaning and purpose to physical existence. Yet, many mainstream thinkers, scientists, philosophers, priests and ministers are hesitant to look at TDVP.
Here are three questions for anyone interested in this issue:
1. What do YOU think should be included in a 'theory of everything'?
2. Why do you think most mainstream scientists are NOT welcoming TDVP with open arms?
3. Why do you think most mainstream philosophers of religion are also NOT welcoming TDVP with open arms?
Please give some serious thought to these questions. Your answers may help us find ways to get more general acceptance for TDVP, the science of the future.

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