Monday, October 21, 2013

Dr. Close's One Minute Quantum Physics Lecture

We hear the term “quantum” thrown around every day: quantum theory, quantum computing, quantum leap, quantum this, quantum that,  … I’ve even seen ads for quantum fishing gear and quantum underwear! What the heck is a quantum and why do I need to know anything about it?
In 1905, two brilliant scientists made the most important discoveries in the history of science: Max Planck discovered that energy only occurs in multiples of a very small unit: the quantum. And Albert Einstein discovered the geometric relationship between space and time. Each of these discoveries created a major paradigm shift, but there has been no comparable shift in the scientific paradigm since that time.
Why do you need to know about the quantum? The quantum is the building block of the universe. Everything from atoms to molecules, plants and animals, human beings, my brain and your brain, From rocks to water, fire and air, rivers and mountains, Planets, solar systems, galaxies, … everything from the smallest particle to the entire universe, all of it is made of quanta.
But a single quantum is extremely small, far smaller than the smallest thing we can see with the most powerful microscope. About one million, five hundred thousand trillion quanta can “dance” on the (1.5 mm) head of a pin; far more than all the grains of sand on planet Earth. This is about one million times the number of stars in our “Milky Way” Galaxy.

But the reason you should want to know about quanta, is because, at that very small scale, matter, energy and consciousness work together to form the reality we experience. In other words, Reality is made up of quanta of matter, energy and consciousness.  
This is the basis of TDVP, the new paradigm shift. It is the culmination of more than fifty years of research!

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