Saturday, September 8, 2012

Transcendental Physics and the Triadic Dimensional Distinction Vortex Paradigm (TDVP)

Over the past three years, I've been working intensively with Dr. Vernon M. Neppe, MD, PhD, internationally known neuroscientist, developing TDVP, a paradigm shift that brings science out of the dark ages of materialism and includes consciousness in the equations. TDVP is the next logical step after the calculus of distinctions, which I introduced in the now out of print book, Infinite Continuity, 1989, and again in Trancendental Physics in 1997. Dr. Neppe and I will both be presenting TDVP at the Science and Spirituality Conference in Puebla, Mexico in February, 2013.

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TDVP, the PARADIGM Shift That Works:

· Resolves the Conflicts between Relativity and Quantum Physics
· Provides a Rigorous Mathematical Basis for Incorporating the Observer as Participant
· Puts Consciousness into the Equations
· Provides Mathematical and Geometrical Evidence of Nine or more Dimensions
· Provides a Comprehensive Framework for all Science
· Unites the Scientific Disciplines
Brings Consciousness and Spirituality into a Scientific Framewor.

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