Tuesday, June 6, 2017


HELLO from Chapel Hill!

Click on the link below to read our new article on IQNexus Joirnal.

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  1. Followed as usual with interest, Ed!

    Apart from my private, mystically-inspired reservations, already made known to you, and as yet not fully resolved, I otherwise concur with the content of this article. And, in so doing, I would particularly like to refer to the following excerpt and then relate it to my recent, associated, Facebook post as an endorsement:

    "So we can choose our future?
    "To a degree. Applying the idea of infinite possibilities, we speculate we can choose that
    direction. That s why we talk of that term indivension . It s individual choice and the
    branches of the corresponding 3-dimensional tree, impact other branches, other trees, even
    the forest.
    "Then we truly can then make a difference?
    "A resounding Yes!!!. We re all part of that infinite ONE, part of unity."

    Indeed so, Ed! My post, shared from from your own post, follows:

    'Spiritual evolution is the driving force behind the universe, not some random meaningless explosion, the conclusion of reductionist materialistic science. Reality does not, and cannot exist without consciousness.'
    Indeed so, Ed, and brought home to me by virtue of my most profound 1980 mystical experience, which introduced me to the simple, fundamental calculus formula, Y=X(0,1,2,3,4) Squared plus One, of our true Creator - Namely, the Ultimate Force! ("That infinite ONE" now added)
    I feel little more can be said about this formula; as its concept has been made well known to you; and even now liked on your Facebook site by your good self; except maybe to emphasize that, IMMIO, the Ultimate Force needs this overall control-concept to serve and fulfill Its own more comprehensive, balanced, aspirations, ad infinitum, rather than condone what has in the main become our ongoing, self-serving and destructive natures. We are Its controlled work-in-progress, so to speak; It hopefully, with our far better understanding, wanting us to remain on board Its 'lifeboat to the future'; to experience Its perfected conscious future; until It has to revert de facto to Its spiritual state and thereby start Its Creation and Demolishing business all over again, ad infinitum!
    As stated privately to you, Ed, I am unable to contribute financially to your new book, but may the Ultimate Force be with you in its eventual publication and import. Amun!

    And, importantly,from the very last statement, relating to the fundamental calculus formula itself: We are all our own judge, jury, and hopefully not our own executioners! Amun!

    All for now, as ever, cosmically yours, Brian